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Date of Event:Wednesday,

April 1, 2015

Online Registration Form
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If you are interested in competing in our competion day this year please print off the above listed registration form and submit it by mail or e-mail to:


Technology and Applied Science Department
Wayne State College
Greg Worner
Benthack Hall 111
1111 Main St.
Wayne, NE 68787



or by fax to 402-375-7565


Please Note:


INSTRUCTORS: Due to limited resources and space, registration forms must be completed and turned in by the MARCH 24, 2015 DEADLINE. Registered teams take precedence on the day of competition. Non-registered teams may not be eligible to compete if space and resources are exhausted. BE SURE to include your email with your registration for up-to-date notices. Schools competing in the problem solving competition will be emailed a copy of the problem one week before the competition allowing teams to develop solutions for the problem. The solution will be built on site at the Wayne State campus using materials supplied by Wayne State.


IMPORTANT!!! Each school will be responsible for bringing their own tools to the competition. Wayne State College will not be supplying tools for the problem-solving competition. Each problem-solving team should supply their own scissors, hot-glue gun, glue sticks, masking tape, hobby knifes, etc. and clearly identify the tool box with your schools name in the event that they become lost. Materials for the competitions will be supplied by Wayne State College.

  • Level I will be designated for grades 7-9
  • Level II is considered grades 10-12.

The various competitions and requirements are as noted. Please click on the event name to learn more about the competition and official rules.




2 X Forum

  • Students will construct a useful and attractive device with only the material found in a standard SPF two by four, ten feet in length. 



Bridge Building

  • Student designed and built Balsa wood bridges are tested for efficiency

CO2 Powered Egg Hauler contest

  • This contest will be a new event that will test the student’s ability to design and construct a CO2 powered vehicle able to haul one egg 45 feet and stop within 15ft. with the egg intact.    The vehicle will stop with in the 15 ft. or collide with a solid wall.

Construction Estimating

  • Student will estimate the cost of constructing a simple structure from AutoCAD drawings

Drafting, Architectural

  • CAD only using Revit or AutoDesk ADT software on supplied terminals

Drafting, Mechanical

  • CAD only using Inventor or AutoCAD software on supplied terminals


Mouse Trap Derby

  • Students build a racecar powered by one standard mousetrap

Mouse Traptor Pull

  • Students build a mousetrap powered tractor to pull a weighted sled


  • Students will identify small engine parts and take a test on small engine operation.

Problem Solving

  • Using only the materials provided and tools from the approved list, your team is to design and build a device capable of completing the task.

Solar Cooker

  • Students design and build and test a solar oven

Technology Quiz

  • Individual written quiz covering a variety of technology areas

Technology Quiz Bowl

  • Teams from each school compete head to head in answering technology questions

Web Page Design

  • Students will design a web page promoting their schools technology program


  • Both written and applied welding knowledge are tested

Any questions or concerns regarding ITE Competion Day or any of the events can be directed to:


Greg Worner
Competition Coordinator
Technology and Applied Science Department


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