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TASC - Interior Design Concentration


The interior designer plans interior space and all its components such as furniture, furnishings, carpet and wall treatment and helps to implement the plan chosen that may include purchasing products and overseeing the project. The residential designer works with single-family and multi-family housing. The commercial interior designer works in all kinds of nonresidential settings such as restaurants, offices, schools and other public places.
Typical job titles include residential designer, commercial designer, kitchen designer, housing consultant, real estate property manager, retail management and sales, interior designer and space planner. Interior designers can find employment opportunities in a variety of business settings: large firms, major retailers such as department stores, furniture stores, and home centers; small design firms; or their own privately operated businesses.
A bachelor’s degree is becoming necessary for entry into the field of interior design. One’s education should include subjects such as drawing, drafting, space planning, color analysis, art and art history, accounting, business writing, marketing, business relations and ethics. The interior designer should have a variety of artistic skills, be familiar with styles and designs of furniture and home furnishings, and have knowledge of products and how they fit customer’s needs.
Since interior designers work as teams with colleagues and with clients, they must have good interpersonal working skills and an appreciation for other people’s viewpoints. Other needed qualities are organization, the ability to meet deadlines, competitiveness, and enjoyment of working with figures and specifications, ability to stay within a client’s budget, and the willingness to adjust work schedules to suit the client’s needs.


Family and Consumer Sciences Core (18 hours)
FCS 103 Clothing Construction (3)
         108 Explore Family & Consumer Science (1)
         207 Nutrition (3)
         305 Housing Development & Design (3)
         313 Techniques in Prof. Presentation (2)
         315 Consumer Economics (3)
         410 Professional Development in FCS (2)

Interior Design Concentration (38 hours)
FCS 308 Household Equipment (3)
         318 Soft Furnishings (2)
         320 Techniques of Interior Design (3)
         408 Applied Concepts of Interior Design (3)
ITE   109 Drafting Communications (3)
         211 Architectural/Industrial Finishing (3)
         214 Residential Drawing (3)
         314 Architectural Drawing (3)
ART 344 Art History I or
         345 Art History II or
         346 Art History III or
         440 Multicultural Arts (3)
BUS 142 Survey of Accounting (3)
         222 Business Law I (3)
         327 Principles of Real Estate or
         360 Management Theory and Practice or
         374 Principles of Advertising (3)
         370 Principles of Marketing (3)

FCS 497 FCS Internship (recommended)

Business Administration Minor (recommended)

FCS 110 Family & Personal Relationships must be taken to meet the
Individual & Society requirement in General Education.

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