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TASC - Foods and Nutrition Concentration


The Foods and Nutrition concentration offers a flexible program for students interested in healthy lifestyles and a career in health promotion. The course work includes a blend of classes in nutrition, family and consumer sciences, business and biological sciences.

Completion of a major in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Foods and Nutrition provides a very good foundation for a variety of employment opportunities. Graduates of the program may find career opportunities in many areas such as county extension educator, nutritionist, food photographer, food reporter/editor, consultant, catering service, food service manager, dietary manager, kitchen supervisor, school lunch program director and chef, to name a few possibilities. The concentration provides a basis for these careers; however, for some, further studies for professional registration, certification, or licensure may be needed.

Students considering careers in the foods and nutrition field should be people-oriented, have good oral and written communication skills and an understanding of human behavior. Managerial skills are essential for many of the employment opportunities.


Family and Consumer Sciences Core (18 hours)
FCS 103 Clothing Construction (3)
         108 Explore Family & Consumer Science (1)
         207 Nutrition (3)
         305 Housing Development & Design (3)
         313 Techniques in Prof. Presentation (2)
         315 Consumer Economics (3)
         410 Professional Development in FCS (2)

Foods and Nutrition Concentration (33-36 hours)
FCS 104 Food Selection and Preparation (3)
         205 Meal Management (3)
         217 Nutrition through the Life Cycle(3)
         306 Family Resource Management (3)
         308 Household Equipment (3)
         322 International Foods and Cultures (3)
         340 Community Nutrition (3)
         416 FCS Practicum (3)
         450 Nutritional Counseling & Assessment (6-9)

6-9 hours from the following:
BUS 222 Business Law I (3)
         240 Accounting I (3)
         360 Management Theory & Practice (3)
         367 Human Resource Management (3)
         370 Principles of Marketing (3)
CHE 106 General Chemistry I (4)

          107 General Chemistry II (4)
         208 Introductory Organic Chemistry (4)
PED 207 Athletic Performance & Nutrition (3)
         310 Leadership Develop in Nutrition & Stress Mgmt (3)

FCS 110 Family and Personal Relationships must be taken to meet the Individual & Society requirement in General Education.

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