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TASC - Family and Consumer Sciences Concentration


The family and consumer sciences major has a goal to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and consumers. To accomplish this, family and consumer sciences professionals work in a wide range of careers in business, education, government, and human resources.

A career as a family and consumer sciences professional in business requires knowledge of products and services, an understanding of the market for those products and marketing research. Positive human relations skills such as self-presentation, communication, and leadership are also required. Some typical job titles include department manager, sales representative, marketing representative, public relations agent, and display director.

Consumer affair professionals may have a job title such as consumer information specialist, consumer service representative, director of consumer services, consumer relation’s manager, consumer researcher, consumer educator, and consumer product manager. The responsibility of the professional in consumer affairs is to represent the consumers’ needs. The major responsibility of a professional in consumer education and information is preparing informational materials, including brochures, instructional manuals, advertising copy, promotional demonstrations, and teaching programs aimed at consumers. Consumer affairs professionals also participate in market analysis, market research, and product development.

Other career possibilities for family and consumer sciences professionals include the areas of family financial planning, human services, insurance, travel, government, entrepreneurship and freelancing.

Family and Consumer Sciences Core (18 hours)
FCS 103 Clothing Construction (3)
         108 Explore Family & Consumer Science (1)
         207 Nutrition (3)
         305 Housing Development & Design (3)
         313 Techniques in Prof. Presentation (2)
         315 Consumer Economics (3)
         410 Professional Development in FCS (2)

Family and Consumer Sciences Concentration (36 hours)
FCS 104 Food Selection & Preparation (3)
         205 Meal Planning & Serving (3)
         302 Textiles (3)
         306 Family Resource Management (3)
         308 Household Equipment (3)
         316 Guiding the Young Child (4)
         403 Fitting & Alteration (3)
         416 FCS Practicum (3)
Electives (12)
(12 hours from the following: FCS 106, 202, 217, 303, 312, 318, 322 or 450)

FCS 110 Family & Personal Relationships must be taken to meet the
Individual & Society requirement in General Education.

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