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TASC - Fashion Merchandising Concentration


The fashion merchandising program at Wayne State College provides the educational background for a career in fashion related positions. The program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach with coursework in family and consumer sciences and business. Completion of a major in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising provides the basis for a variety of employment opportunities. Graduates of the program have obtained positions such as assistant manager, management trainee, or assistant buyer in fabric stores, fashion shops, and department stores.
To qualify for entry-level positions the student should be aware that sales experience in addition to an educational background is required. An internship experience in the junior or senior year is highly recommended as a culminating ‘hands-on’ activity. Through this on-site work program the student has the opportunity to blend theory and practice.
Individuals considering a fashion merchandising career should be career oriented, have a genuine interest in people, be organizers and leaders of people and be willing to spend time preparing for their careers. A fashion merchandising career is a demanding one, which requires a high energy level, but it does offer freedom to grow and freedom to change direction without having to begin anew in an unrelated type of work.


Family and Consumer Sciences Core (18 hours)
FCS 103 Clothing Construction (3)
         108 Explore Family & Consumer Science (1)
         207 Nutrition (3)
         305 Housing Development & Design (3)
         313 Techniques in Prof. Presentation (2)
         315 Consumer Economics (3)
         410 Professional Development in FCS (2)

Fashion Merchandising Concentration (37 hours)
FCS 106 Introduction to Fashion Industry (2)
         202 Clothing Design (3)
         302 Textiles (3)
         303 Fashion Retailing (3)
         312 Historic Costume (3)
         318 Soft Furnishings (2)
         403 Fitting and Alteration (3)
FCS elective, by advisement (3)
BUS 142 Survey of Accounting (3)
         222 Business Law (3)
         360 Management Theory and Practice (3)
         367 Human Resource Management (3)
         370 Principles of Marketing (3)

FCS 497 FCS Internship (recommended)
Business Administration Minor (recommended)

FCS 110 Family & Personal Relationships must be taken to meet the Individual & Society requirement in General Education.

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