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TASC - Early Childhood Major


A career in Early Childhood can include many different specializations dealing with the health, education, and welfare of children. The goal of all occupations in this field is to improve children’s physical, emotional and educational well-being.

Typical job titles in this area include: Youth Program Director and/or Teacher, Pre-School Teacher, Camp Director, Day-Care Center Director and/or Teacher, and Recreation Specialist. There are job opportunities in schools, public service agencies, camps, churches, and community organizations.

The responsibilities are varied in these careers. In general, those in educational careers help children in their early social, physical and intellectual development. Day-care involves such routine activities as managing the eating, sleeping, health-care and recreational needs of children. In addition, day-care has an educational function, including learning activities and games in which children need to be involved. The role of the preschool teacher is to give children new learning experiences. A director supervises the program, including supplies and equipment, preparing and balancing the budget, counseling parents, hiring personnel and conducting staff meetings. Careers in children’s services can also be as a youth program director, camp director, or recreational specialist. The major task in directing such services is to plan and execute meaningful activities for young children.

The personal qualities for these careers include a genuine interest in and love for children. It is necessary to have a high degree of maturity, patience and persistence. Important is the ability to see children as individuals with likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.


Major in Early Childhood (BA or BS) 57 hours

480 hours of experience also required for CDA, see the department chair. (Not for certification - See Early Childhood Unified Endorsement for certification.)

FCS 110 must be taken to meet the 3 hr requirement under Individual and Society in General Education.

FCS 104 Food Selection and Preparation (3)
         120 Introduction to Early Childhood Ed (3)
         205 Meal Management (3)
         207 Nutrition or
         217 Nutrition through the Lifecycle(3)
         220 Infancy and Toddlers (3)
         230 The Pre-School Age Child (3)
         306 Family Resource Management (3)
         313 Techniques in Professional Presentation (3)

         316 Guiding the Young Child (3)
         325 Health & Safety for the Young Child (3)
         410 Professional Development in FCS (2)
         416 Family and Consumer Sci Practicum (3)
         430 Org & Ad of Early Childhood Ed Pr (3)
EDU 216 Children's Literature (2)

          217 Diverse Family Systems (3)
          230 Integrating Creative Arts for Children (3)
          303 Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children (3)
SPD 151 Introduction to Special Education (3)
          260 Chars & Meth: Birth thru age 4 (2)
CED 463 Intro to Vocational Special Needs (3)


Note: With this major student will need an additional 7 hours of upper division courses by advisement for graduation.

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