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The Department of Technology and Applied Science provides a strong academic foundation which empowers students to develop career, family, leadership and life skills. The academic experience is grounded in a core of applied academic, technical and professional proficiencies preparing the student to function effectively in a global community and continue life-long learning. The department offers degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences and Industrial Technology.


Family and Consumer Sciences at Wayne State College provides a foundation for students to develop career and life skills enabling them to function as individuals, in families and as professionals in their communities and beyond. Each concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences, Early Childhood, Fashion Merchandising, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Foods and Nutrition, General Family and Consumer Sciences and Interior Design, addresses the social, physical, psychological and economic interests of individuals and families as they live and work in a diverse and global society. The program also offers minors in Family Life Studies and Foods and Nutrition.


Industrial Technology at Wayne State College provides a foundation for students that develops both career and life skills to help them function as professionals in their careers and in their communities. Each concentration in the Industrial Technology program, Construction Management, Safety Management, and Drafting, Planning and Design, addresses the technical content and business background of individuals as they live and work in a diverse and global society. Students preparing to enter the area of Industrial Technology Education are prepared to teach in grades 6 - 12 and upon successful completion, meet the requirements for certification in the state of Nebraska as well as most other states. Industrial Technology is offered as a content area within a Middle Grades Endorsement (Grades 4-9). The program also offers minors in Industrial Technology and Safety. For transfer students with an associate of arts or science degree, the Industrial Technology program offers a Technology Major.

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