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CTIS - Goals & Objectives

I. Successful preparation for and completion of Program Review for all CTIS academic programs.


II. Continued exploration of collaboration/cooperation/service possibilities for WSC CTIS computing academic programs with TEI-Lamia ( Greece).


III. Continued pursuit of an Information Technology Option/Concentration in the WSC Curriculum and Instruction Master’s Degree.


IV. Continued pursuit of an Information Technology Concentration in the (Nebraska State College System) system-wide Master’s in Organizational Management degree program.


V. Identify the CTIS Department (or predecessor academic unit) Outstanding Alumnus to be honored at WSC Homecoming in the Fall Semester of 2007.


VI. Continued strong recruiting efforts for prospective students and transfer students for CTIS Department academic programs.


VII. Initiate strong in-house recruiting efforts to approach undeclared WSC students about becoming majors and/or minors in CTIS Department academic programs.

VIII. Continue strong recruiting efforts to convince current WSC students majoring in non-computing areas to add a second major or a minor from a CTIS academic program area.

IX. Maintain and enhance strong relationships with CTIS Advisory Board members and their respective organizations, including conducting a successful Advisory Board Meeting during the Spring Semester of 2007.

X. Enhance CTIS Department classroom instruction by establishing a system of peer visitation and feedback for CTIS course class meetings.

XI. Successfully complete full deployment, data collection, analysis, reporting, and external review of the CTIS Department’s Assessment Initiative (including hosting a voluntary external review).

XII. Continue strong CTIS Department involvement with the Technology Academy of Northeast Nebraska (TANN) and the leveraging of that involvement for CTIS Department recruiting of prospective and transfer students for CTIS academic programs.

XIII. Launch of at least one Robotics course as a CSC or CIS committee-approved elective and/or a course to attract students into CTIS Academic Programs.


XIV. Successfully complete the deployment of the Benthack Hall 132 lab and adjustments/revisions to other CTIS stand-alone computing labs.


XV. Successfully continue the CTIS Department’s status as a Cisco Local Academy in good standing and successfully adapt to Cisco curricula revisions.


XVI. Revise the CTIS Department Technology Plan.


XVII. Host at least two presentations to CTIS students by external computing organizations.

XVIII. Continue to encourage and strengthen the WSC Student Chapter of the ACM (student computing group).

XIX. Continue professional development activities and department, school, campus, and external involvement of CTIS faculty members.

XX. Continue to promote the Information Technology Supplemental Endorsement to grow the program, promote it to appropriate audiences, and offer appropriate rotations of courses.

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