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BSEC - Goals & Objectives


Mission Statement


Consistent with the mission of Wayne State College, a comprehensive regional service institution in Northeast Nebraska, the Business and Economics Department fosters excellence in scholarship and academic achievement in an interactive educational environment. Students are provided a strong business foundation and are prepared for successful business careers in a changing world. A dynamic mix of innovative, technological, and traditional instructional strategies encourage an attitude of life-long learning .

Goals Statement


The Business and Economics Department strives to:

  • Offer academic programs to meet the needs of our stakeholders (Stewardship)
  • Continuously seek to improve teaching and learning (Learning)
  • Seek ways to optimize enrollment and retention (Stewardship)
  • Nurture and strengthen affiliations with the community and area businesses (Collaboration)
  • Promote the professional development of its faculty and staff (Community)
  • Establish and maintain an institutional culture of systematic quality improvement (Quality)


Business Administration Major Program Objectives

  1. To develop/enhance a foundational knowledge of the common professional component
  2. To develop/enhance breadth and depth of knowledge beyond the common professional component in an area of specialization
  3. To develop a set of desirable cognitive learning skills
  4. To develop professional behavioral characteristics
  5. To develop professional attitudinal characteristics


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Apr. 1, 2015

ITE Competition


Apr. 11, 2015

Robotics Competition (In the Lifelong Learning Center at Northeast Community College)


Apr. 16, 2015

Business Competition Day (7am-3pm) - we will get you the updated forms when the time gets closer

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