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BSEC - Management Information Systems Minor


The Management Information Systems minor is a complementary area that exposes students to basic management information systems concepts. The minor also helps to prepare students for advanced degrees in management information systems.


The minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by the student’s major(s).


Courses required for the Management Information Systems minor are as follows:


BUS 360 Management Theory & Practice (3)

CIS 132 Prin of Computing & Info Sys (3)

(May substitute CIS 130 Intro to Comp Info Sys (3) if required in student’s major)

CIS 360 Computer Information Systems: Analysis and Design (3)

CIS 366 Introduction to Data Base (3)

CIS 375 Intro to E-Commerce (3)

CIS 430 Management Information Systems (3)

CSC165 Intro to Web Design(3)


Total Semester Hours 21 credit hours

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