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You will enjoy being a major in the Business and Economics Department! The multi-faceted Business and Economics Department educates students to take their place in the world of business, industry and education. The department is very popular, and has the highest number of majors on the Wayne State College campus. The Business and Economics Department also has a very active student body, with a number of active clubs and organizations complementing the strong academic programs.


The Business and Economics Department offers undergraduate programs of study in business administration and business teacher education. The Business Administration major includes a choice of concentrations in accounting, public accounting, advisor approved, agri-business, economics, finance, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, and office administration. The business administration programs of study in the Business and Economics Department are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Accreditation demonstrates that the programs are of high quality.


In the Business and Economics Department professional qualified, dedicated, experienced, caring faculty provide a student centered learning environment. The faculty includes full-time and part-time professionals with experience in education and the business world. They hold degrees in areas such as law, accounting, finance, organizational management, management information systems, marketing and education from universities throughout the nation. Many faculty members have previous working experience as self-employed business people, business consultants, corporate managers, tax accountants, realtors, lawyers and CPAs.


Getting an internship or looking for that special job couldn’t be easier. The Business and Economics Department is the campus leader in promoting cooperative education experiences for its students. Wayne State College has a strong career services area dedicated to strengthening career planning and job placement. The Career Center oversees cooperative education internship programs, provides job search/resume/interview guidance, and coordinates on and off-campus employment interviews.


The Business and Economics Department is housed in Gardner Hall. This 40,000 square-foot building, located in the southeast corner of the campus, is capable of supporting an array of computer and other technologies. You will find the facilities to be first class.


In short, the Business and Economics Department in the School of Business and Technology has great programs, caring faculty and a commitment to students. We provided quality career preparation in a very professional and interactive environment. We will provide the best undergraduate education possible. Please visit our campus, either for the first time or for a follow-up visit. The more acquainted with Wayne State College you become, the more impressed you will be!


Dr. Charles Parker, Chair

Business and Economics Department


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