Spring 2001
Honors Colloquium Students'
Abstracts and Autobiographies



"Residence Hall Smoking: Social Research as a Tool for Policy Analysis"

Advisor: Stacy McMillen


Due to increasing concerns from students, parents, and potential freshmen, the Wayne State Housing Office chose in January 2001 to reconsider the current residence hall smoking policy. To address the issue, I aided housing administrators in developing three policy options. To gauge student reaction to these options, I developed and distributed a survey of the on-campus student population. In order to more accurately analyze the survey results, a series of student and staff focus groups were conducted. The final results of both phases of this research project, as well as my recommendations, were presented to Admissions office staff, student services administrators, housing administrators, and President Stearns on March 28, 2001.


Jason Brozek is the son of Dan and Denise Brozek of Creighton, Nebraska. He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. Jason has served as student body president, Bowen Hall RA, and STRIDE tutor. He is also a member of Wayne Political Union, American Civil Liberties Union: Wayne Chapter, Blue Key, and Pi Gamma Mu. After his wedding in August, Jason will begin studying Political Science as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.





"Workaholicism -- Three Case Studies"

Advisor: Dr. Jeryl Nelson


Hard work usually means great rewards; fancy cars, large homes, and recognition for a job well done. This may be the way to the typical American dream, but it is also becoming an addiction for some, they are workaholics. Workaholics take work to the extreme, never relaxing, always working, and letting everyone around them disappear. Three firms were interviewed to learn about their policies on workaholics, the programs they may have in place, and the impact of workaholics on their firm. Workaholicism is a rewarding but often misleading disease. It can be extremely damaging to the individual, their family, and the co-workers around them.


Richelle Cech is the daughter of Lumir and Mary Cech of Clarkson, Nebraska. Richelle, a 1997 graduate of Clarkson High School, is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, graduating in May 2001. While at Wayne State College, Richelle has been an Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honorary, a peer educator, CAT Council member, Dean's List, and currently the WSC-PEN president.





"State-Trait Anxiety Following High Intensity Anaerobic Exercise vs. Lower Intensity Aerobic Exercise"

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Glass


Acute bouts of exercise have been shown to have a positive effect on state anxiety. Studies have examined the combinations of blood pressure and acute bouts of aerobic exercise on state anxiety, as well as the effects of quiet rest and acute bouts of aerobic exercise on state anxiety. There have also been studies that examine weight training and its effect on state anxiety. However, to date, no studies have examined both weight training and aerobic exercise in a single subject group and the subsequent state-trait anxiety response. With mixed results for both resistance exercise and aerobic exercise due to the wide range of intensities utilized, we proposed using light aerobic exercise and heavy resistance exercises as a tool to study post exercise state anxiety.


Tasha Howland is the daughter of Jerry and Sandy Howland of St. Libory, Nebraska. She is majoring in Exercise Science/Wellness. Tasha will graduate in August after doing her internship this summer at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tasha is currently the S.H.A.P.E. club president, member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Who's Who Among American College Students, and an American Heart Association Volunteer.





"A Study of Taxicab Geometry"

Advisor: Dr. Tami Worner


Geometry, one of the oldest branches in mathematics, has been and still is one of the most important tools we possess in order to answer many problems. However, Euclidean geometry cannot solve every problem, and that is where Taxicab Geometry comes into play. This non-Euclidean geometry, having only one axiomatic difference from its Euclidean cousin, has been used to solve many of the real-world problems that Euclidean geometry cannot handle. This study shows how basic geometric and trigonometric properties and theorems translate into their taxicab counterparts, and what some of the uses of these re-defined properties are.


Jeff Kesting is the son of Larry and Peggy Kesting of Pierce, Nebraska. Jeff, a 1997 graduate of Pierce High School, is majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. He will graduate in May 2001. Jeff is a John G. Neihardt Scholar, and he is currently involved with Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, and Blue Key.





"Debate Concerning Internet Sales Taxes"

Advisor: Dr. Tim Garvin


The Internet Tax Freedom Act stops new internet taxes from being levied; however, taxes already on the books apply. Proponents believe that states are losing revenue and that conventional businesses are getting unfair treatment. Opponents contend that the complexity of the tax code would put too much strain on this new industry and that states are not losing as much as they think. Taking advantage of opportunities to save money may be a better solution than new internet taxes.


Jeana Luebbe is the daughter of Daniel and Gladys Luebbe of Utica, Nebraska. Jeana is a computer information systems major. She will graduate in May 2001. Jeana was a member of the marching band and concert band her first two years at Wayne State and is now a member of the cross country and track teams. She is also a peer minister at the WeLComE Plex.





"Bombing the Serbs: An Analysis of U. S. and NATO Action in Kosovo"

Advisor: Stacy McMillen


In 1998 and 1999, the media drew our attention to a conflict in a small province of Serbia called Kosovo. The conflict in the province called for international attention. The final decision to bomb Serbia came after over a year of deliberations and attempted negotiations to resolve the conflict over the province of Kosovo. After NATO's 78-day air campaign, it seemed NATO had won on behalf of Kosovo. Some could argue NATO just found a bigger problem with no solution. This paper goes over some of the history leading to the conflict, the nature of United States and NATO involvement, the bombing of Serbia, and an evaluation of NATO's action.


Danielle Morrison is the daughter of Mike and Colette Morrison of South Sioux City, Nebraska. She graduated from Heelan High School in 1997. Danielle is majoring in Political Science and has a double minor in Speech Communications and Pre Law. She is secretary of Pi Gamma Mu, secretary of the Wayne Political Union, and secretary of the ACLU. Danielle plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law in August 2001.





"Theoretical and Practical Considerations in the Database Development Process"

Advisor: Dr. Tim Garvin


Development of a database involves multiple phases. Each phase is subject to numerous theoretical considerations, in addition to overall design and development considerations. This paper presents the design concerns as identified through the study of prescriptive approaches for database design and implementation. It also reviews these elements in relation to a multi-semester database development project of significant complexity. Many issues involved in database design and development were encountered during this project. The paper and presentation will define and examine these issues and offer reflections on the planning and management of the database design and development process.


Diane Mundahl of Laurel, Nebraska will graduate in May 2001 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and minors in Business Administration and Philosophy. Prior to attending Wayne State College, Diane worked in a variety of computer-related positions and taught adult education computer classes. She was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta and the Theta Sigma chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, and was actively involved in AAUW. Diane plans to begin graduate school in August 2001.





"The Influence of Negative Mood on Self-Discrepancies"

Advisor: Dr. Karen Walker


The current experiment tested several aspects of the Higgins (1987) self-discrepancy theory. Higgins (1987) self-discrepancy theory suggests that self-discrepancies between different aspects of the self are associated with tendencies toward particular negative emotions. Shame and frustration were the two emotions examined in this study. Participants at the first experimental session revealed base levels of discrepancies. Then at the second session shame and frustration were induced. If Higgins' theory is right, participants should demonstrate the discrepancies that correspond with these negative emotions.


Matthew Nykodym is the son of James and Loretta Nykodym of Tilden, Nebraska. He is majoring in psychology and has minors in history and political science. After graduation, Matt plans to take a year off of school before applying to graduate schools. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Psy Chi, and the psychology club.




"The Effects of the Implementation of the 150-Hour Education Requirement on the Accounting Profession"

Advisor: Dr. Gary Volk


Individuals desiring to become a CPA must now have 150 college credit hours in the state of Nebraska and many other states. The accounting profession has felt positive and negative impacts as a result of these increased education requirements. Some CPA firms see the increased education requirements as an attribute to the profession, while others see it as a detriment. CPA firms in Nebraska were surveyed as to their hiring intentions as a result of the 150-hour education requirement and their opinions on the effects of the 150-hour education requirement on their firms.


Linda Rasmussen is the daughter of David and Della Rasmussen of Homer, Nebraska. Linda, a 1997 graduate of Homer High School, is majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Public Accounting and Finance. She is a Neihardt Scholar, a member of Cardinal Key National Honor Society, and is currently the Fundraising Chairperson for Delta Sigma Pi. After graduating in August, Linda plans to work for Andersen, a Big Five Accounting Firm.





"Standardized Tests: Do They Earn an A+"

Advisor: Dr. Monica Snowden


Standardized exams are utilized throughout one's educational career. However, validity and reliability are not always ensured in students' test results. Standardized tests reflect one's access to social and cultural capital, track students based on achievement standards, reproduce and legitimize social inequalities, as well as encourage and manipulate numerous biases. A survey focusing on the ACT/SAT exam was administered to a systematic sample of Wayne State College students in an attempt to assess students' perceptions of the test and the extent to which their social capital and scores impact their educational career.


Kourtney Roeber is the daughter of Richard and Mikki Dowling of rural Wausa, Nebraska. Kourtney, a 1997 graduate of Logan View Jr. Sr. High School, is majoring in sociology. Her interdisciplinary study minor focuses on child development. She will graduate in May 2001. Kourtney has been a Wayne State College ambassador/
orientation leader, featured in The National Dean's List, and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Pi Gamma Mu honor societies.





"Carhart v. Stenberg"

Advisor: Dr. Mark Leeper


Beginning with Roe v. Wade, abortion has become an issue that has taken center stage in politics, the legislatures, and the courts. Since the Court has recognized a woman's right to choose, state legislatures across the country have worked to place limitations on that right. One of the most recent limitations has focused on partial-birth abortions. This paper begins with a look at abortion legislation and litigation throughout the United States, specifically in Nebraska. It then follows one specific case, Carhart v. Stenberg, from the district court level to its appeal to the Supreme Court. Finally, it concludes with a look at the present state of Roe and future legislation that will likely occur as a result of the Carhart opinions.


Angela Schaecher is the daughter of Marlene and Alvin Schaecher of Battle Creek, Nebraska. Angela, a 1997 graduate of Battle Creek Public High School, is majoring in Political Science with a minor in pre-law. After graduating in May 2001, she will attend the University of Iowa College of Law. Angela is currently Vice President of the Student Senate, President of the Wayne Political Union and the American Civil Liberties Union, and a member of Habitat for Humanity.





"Job Satisfaction in Northeast Nebraska Educators: What Factors Lead to Teacher Burnout?"

Advisor: Dr. Fay Jackson


From salary to administrative support, many different factors contribute to burnout in educators. In order to determine what factors contribute to the lack of job satisfaction of educators in northeast Nebraska schools, a survey was taken of a sample of teachers from 21 schools in the area. The results were compared to a study of job satisfaction and burnout of educators from urban schools. Ways to prevent and remedy burnout are discussed.


Jackelyn Thomas is the daughter of Kenneth and Sally Thomas of Scribner, Nebraska. She will graduate in December 2002 with a double major in elementary education and special education. Jackelyn is currently president of the Student Council for Exceptional Children and historian for the Cardinal Key National Honor Society. She is also a member of the Northeast Nebraska Teacher's Academy (NENTA), Kappa Delta Pi education honor society, and Wayne Student Education Association of Nebraska (WSEAN).


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