Fall 2000
Honors Colloquium Students' Abstracts

and Autobiographies



" Careful Construction of a Store's Environment and Its Impact on a Business"

Advisor: Patricia Lutt

What makes a bride decide which bridal shop she is willing to spend a fortune at to fulfill all of her wedding day dreams? Is it the bridal shop with the least amount of dresses with bows on the butt or could it be the influence of the store environment that makes her throw down the cash? Scent, music, color, store layout, and social aspects of the store environment were examined and used to critique one bridal shop to determine the changes they should make to their store environment in order to improve their image and sales.


Laurie Kocer is the daughter of Lad and Lynne Kocer of Gering, Nebraska. Laurie, a 1997 graduate of Norfolk Senior High, is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She will graduate in May 2001. Laurie is currently President of Pile Hall Dorm Council, Senior Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer of Delta Sigma Pi, and the Learning Center's Peer Tutor for Accounting.





"Study of Bonding in Silylated-Benzene Chromiumtricarbonyl Complexes"

Advisor: David Peitz

In order to study the stabilizing effects of silicon, three systematically silylated benzene-chromiumtricarbonyl complexes were synthesized (mono-, di-, and tri-silylated benzene chromiumtricarbonyl). After synthesizing the needed compounds, each was analyzed using ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and other techniques to compare relative bonding effects.


Susan Krohn is the daughter of Charles and Cheryl Krohn of Albion, Nebraska. She is majoring in chemistry with a minor in biology. After graduating in May, Susan plans to work in the chemical industry. She is a member of Cardinal Key National Honor Society, Lambda Delta Lambda, Biology Club, and is a Math/Science Peer Tutor.





"Making a Difference in Northeast Nebraska: Louis Dinklage, Cuming County Cattle Baron"

Advisor: Lisa Sandlin


This is the story of one man and how he made a difference during his lifetime and continues to make a difference for these many years since his death. This is his life and how he lived, worked, and helped others along the way. This is the story of how he pioneered the cattle feeding industry in Cuming County and in the state of Nebraska. It is the story of how and why he shared his wisdom and wealth with those who worked for him and with him. This is the story of his benevolence and the lasting legacy he left to the people and community that he loved.


Mary L. Maas is the wife of Curtis Maas of Stanton, Nebraska. They have three married children and six grandchildren. She is a part-time student and plans to graduate in the spring of 2002. She is majoring in English Literature and Writing. She is the daughter of Johanna Muhs of Stanton and the late Edward Muhs. Mary is a lifelong native of northeast Nebraska and is interested in the writing the history of this area through the personal experiences of the people who helped make Nebraska the great state that it is.





"Improving Internal Communication at Wayne State College"

Advisor: Edmund Elfers


My senior honors project dealt with assessing the internal communication situation at Wayne State College with a focus on employee communications. I conducted and administered a survey to half of the employees at Wayne State College. For my colloquium, I will be giving the results of my survey and the suggestions I made to President Stearns as a result of my findings.


Sarah Mason will be graduating in December 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Her majors are English with a writing emphasis and Mass Communications-Journalism with a minor in Editing and Publishing. Sarah lives in Wakefield, Nebraska. She graduated from South Sioux City Senior High School in 1997. Sarah is currently involved in the following activities at Wayne State College: President of Greek Council, Corresponding Secretary and member of Theta Phi Alpha national sorority, Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Member of Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President of Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA). She is also a Wayne Stater reporter and ad executive.




"Expressions of Thought Through Different Genres"

Advisor: James Brummels


In order to open the narrow scope of being strictly a creative writer or a journalist, several incidents that have occurred during the last year will be treated as different genres: short story, news article, essay, poem, and photographs.


Jennifer Olson is the daughter of Karen Olson and Michael Olson of Osmond, Nebraska. Jennifer, a 1996 graduate of Osmond High School, is majoring in Education with endorsements in both English and Coaching and a minor in Journalism. Jennifer will graduate in May of 2001 after completing her student teaching. Her topic choice is a combination of her English and journalistic experience.




"Human Connections as a Path to Immortality in the Works of Virginia Woolf"

Advisor: Siobhan Kelly

The first two experimental novels of Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room and Mrs. Dalloway, utilize innovative literary techniques to convey important universal themes. Woolf shows how people can outlast their mortal lives by impacting people in life and leaving a legacy in death.


Cortney Person is the daughter of Terry and Kathy Person of South Sioux City, Nebraska. She is an English Literature and Writing major who is an aspiring literature professor. Cortney will graduate in December 2000 and will begin graduate school in August 2001. At Wayne State, Cortney has been a member of Sigma Tau Delta, an English honors fraternity.




"Teaming in the Workplace"

Advisor: Vera Hummel


The electrical industry is facing major changes in the way they conduct business. North Central Public Power District will need to adapt to their changing external environment in order to remain competitive. This project was formulated from secondary research in order to analyze potential teaming options for implementation at North Central Public Power District. Types of teams can usually be categorized into four or five groups: work teams, problem-solving teams, project teams, management teams, and self-managed teams. These teams have a variety of similarities and differences; however, the major difference appears to be in the degree of autonomy.





"The Effective Use of Bibliotherapy in the Elementary Classroom"

Advisor: Jean Blomenkamp


The writer conducted research concerning the definition of bibliotherapy, effective bibliotherapy techniques, and the use of these techniques in the implementation of bibliotherapy in the elementary classroom. The writer then surveyed 75 school districts in the state of Nebraska concerning the usage, methodology, and prerequisite staff development of bibliotherapy. Combining these resources, the writer developed a lesson plan format for the effective use of bibliotherapy in a classroom setting.


A 1996 graduate of Sargent Public Schools, Kayla Spence is currently a senior elementary education major planning to student teach in the Spring of 2001. Kayla also attended Nebraska Christian College where she graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. While at Wayne State College, she was a member of WSEAN. Kayla is the daughter of Dan and Beth Slagle of Sargent, Nebraska. Her husband, Derek Spence, is also a student at Wayne State College.





"A Survivor's Stubborn Will: Writing as a Means of Self-Expression"

Advisor: Lisa Sandlin


This project consists of poems and stories written by the author as a means of self-expression. The author believes that writing is not an evaluation tool, rather a tool to help writers cope with the past, with pain and with hope for the future. The poems and stories were written not only to help the author, but also to let victims and survivors of abusive situations know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The presentation will focus on writing as a means of self-expression and healing.


Steph Zoucha is the daughter of Timothy and Jill Zoucha of Petersburg, NE. Steph is an English Education major. The 21-year-old senior will student teach in the spring semester and graduate in May 2001. She also plans to get married in the summer of 2001.


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