Residence Halls - Move-In Day


Students are encouraged to carefully plan their MOVE-IN DAY. This is a very special event for first year students. With a little planning, MOVE-IN activities can be a very pleasant and memorable experience for the entire family.


Here are some helpful hints to consider when making preparations for moving to college:

  1. Pack your things in containers that are easy to carry. This will help you for a number of reasons:

    • Opening day traffic on campus will limit parking convenience and you may have to carry your things some distance.You may consider using a small cart to carry the heavy items.
    • Hallways, stairwells, and elevators will be used by many other students moving in with you.
    • Sometimes weather conditions may not be favorable.
  2. It is helpful to set aside your winter wardrobe for a few weeks. This will lighten the load in your car on MOVE-IN DAY. REMEMBER Labor Day weekend is a chance to go home and get a few more items. If a student does not plan on returning home it can be helpful to prepare winter articles early and make arrangements to have them sent through a delivery service when needed.
  3. Students should either limit their entertainment accessories or carefully protect them when moving. These items usually need special care when being moved. It also helps to become acquainted with the roommate in order to avoid doubling up on some items.
  4. Having a roommate requires sharing. Consideration should be given to the number of belongings one can bring to the assigned space.
  5. Carpets do not have to be installed on opening day. It is also a good idea to make sure you are going to stay in the assigned room for the whole semester before installing these items.

Sometimes it is possible to purchase something from an upperclassman once you arrive on campus.


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