Dining Services - Meal Plans


Option from three different meal plans


10-meal plan with $165 flex dollars --any ten of the 19 meals served Sunday through Saturday.


15-meal plan with $135 flex dollars --any fifteen of the 19 meals served Sunday through Saturday.


19-meal plan with $100 flex dollars --all 19 meals served from Sunday through Saturday.



Flex Dollars and Cat Cash

Flex Dollars and Cat Chas are accepted like cash in all WSC dining locations.  Both are declining balance accounts that work on the same principle as a debit card.  Each time you make a purchase, the amount is subtracted from your balance.  You can use your Flex Dollars or Cat Cash to purchase beverages, snacks, or even a full meal at Jitters in the Library, Cats Corner, The Main Dining Hall, or concessions at WSC volleyball and basketball games. 


Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are included with the meal plans.  Balances DO carry over from semester to semester as long as you have a meal plan 2nd semester, but NOT from year to year.  Once Flex Dollars are at a zero balance, you may purchase additional dollars (Cat Cash) at the Main Dining Hall office at anytime.


Cat Cash

A minimum of $25.00 is required to open an account.  This account may be used during both the first and second semesters, but must be used up before the end of the fiscal school year in May.  All accounts will be deleted in May.  At no time will cash reimbursements take place.


To open an account, please visit the Wayne State Dining  Office located in the back of the Main Dining Hall.

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