Refund of Room Fee

Fees will be pro-rated when:

  1. a student withdraws from college or has been suspended for academic or disciplinary measures,
  2. the student makes a request in person at the Office of Residence Life or in writing that his/her contract be cancelled. In order to pro-rate these fees, the student must have moved off campus by the last day of fee payment,
  3. the contract is terminated with the approval of the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students.

In all cases, the pro-rated refund of the unused rental charge will be computed as of the day that the student moves out of the residence hall. If a student has unofficially withdrawn, the effective date will be determined by the college staff.


Fees will be forfeited when a student moves off campus after the last day of fee payment.


In all cases, freshmen students who have not lived on campus for one full academic year cannot cancel their contracts unless they are age 20 or older; married; or living with a parent or legal guardian.


Computation of charges will be made by the Office of Residence LIfe for students who make room changes for which there is a rate difference (i.e., moving from a double to a private, etc.).

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