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WSC ROTC Program - Turn Leadership Potential into Leadership Ability


Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Program

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Army ROTC at Wayne State College is offered through a cross enrolled program between WSC and the University of South Dakota’s ROTC Program. The college courses offered through ROTC are referred to as “military science courses” that add leadership training and management experience to your chosen academic pursuits. Students may major in any given major that will lead to a bachelor’s or graduate degree at WSC. Basic military science courses in geo-political topics, history, management and leadership count as social science credits applicable toward graduation. All ROTC military science courses are tuition free and books are provided to students from ROTC and not purchased at the bookstore.


There is not military service obligation for enrolling in military science basic courses level 100 and 200. The curriculum is designed to be exciting, educational and flexible enough to meet scholastic requirements while helping you to accomplish your academic and personal goals. Advanced courses refine skills and abilities and include a paid 32-day Leadership Development Advanced Course at Fort Lewis, Washington, in between your junior and senior year.


Students enrolled in military science basic courses at WSC can participate via classroom, teleconference and video class instruction. ROTC instructors teach basic military science courses on the campus of WSC and you will have the opportunity to come to USD and participate in fun and adventurous leadership labs where you will meet USD students in the ROTC Program. Students can expect to participate in activities that include: rappelling, marksmanship, field training exercises, Ragner Challenge, color guard, and military socials.


Two and three year Scholarships are available each year for students enrolled in ROTC courses at WSC that pay for full tuition/fees, $900 a year for books and a monthly stipend ranging from $300-400 dollars to pay for any other expenses such as rent or room/board. The military service obligation for on-campus ROTC scholarship recipients is 4 years active duty. In addition, you may even qualify to join the Army Reserve or Army National Guard while enrolled in ROTC and receive additional educational and financial benefits.

If you’re a veteran, you may use your military experience to receive academic and advanced placement credit and take full advantage of your veteran’s benefits in addition to Army ROTC benefits.


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You can also go to or contact ROTC's Enrollment Officer,

CPT Eli Carr  |  (605) 677-6059,



Army National Guard Benefits


ROTC Enlistment Option
(3 Year Dedicated Guard Scholarship)


If Soldier maintains a 2.5 GPA they can receive a 3 year scholarship:


CPT Eli Carr (USD Enrollment Officer)
(605) 677-6059,


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