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WSC Graduates for May Undergrad and Graduate Ceremonies

Published: 4-29-2010 9:05 am

WAYNE, Neb. (April 27, 2010) -- Wayne State College will hold commencement for graduate students at 9:30 a.m. in Rice Auditorium and undergraduates at 2 p.m. May 8 in the Willow Bowl. A total of 429 degrees -- 102 graduate degrees and 327 undergraduate degrees -- will be conferred at the ceremonies by Wayne State President Richard J. Collings.


Graduation is contingent upon successful completion of the current semester. ++August 2010 Graduate


        BANCROFT: Korri Honor Maas, Business Administration
        DUNCAN: Amy Elizabeth Busteed Blaser, Business Administration
        GENOA: Carrie Ann Wemhoff, Business Administration
        LINCOLN: Derrick Dean Leyden, Business Administration
        OMAHA: Jacob Elijah Petersen++, Business Administration
        PLAINVIEW: Christopher Lyn Ryan++, Business Administration
        WISNER: Tara N. Moeller++, Business Administration

        RUTHVEN: Kelli Jo Keefer, Business Administration
        SIOUX CITY: Kip Lee Turnquist, Business Administration; Munkhtsetseg Ulambayar, Business Administration;
              Jessica Sue Vander Kooi, Business Administration

        O'FALLON: Amber Janae Gatzemeyer Johnson, Business Administration         

        LAKE HIAWATHA: Ganesh Babu Pavalarajan, Business Administration


        PENDER: Eric Robert Urbanec, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management
        LINCOLN: Brooke Danielle Bredenberg, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management
        WAYNE: Larry Thomas Caouette, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management;
              Thomas Leo Crummy++, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management;
              Meia Monea Daniels, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management;
              Jessica Rachelle Helgren, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management;
              Adam Michael Walkenhorst++, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management

        SIOUX CITY: Brad Jacob Schmit, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management

        SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO: Christopher G. Stegemann, Organizational Management-Sport & Recreation Management


Counselor Education/School and Community Counseling

        ALLEN: Michelle L. Smith Bausch, Counselor Education-Community Counseling
        BATTLE CREEK: Melanie Rose Smith++, Counselor Education-Community Counseling 
        CEDAR BLUFFS: Christine Ann Hunter Gaughen, School Counseling 7-12
        COLUMBUS: Kensie Lee Lyon++, Counselor Education-Community Counseling
        NORFOLK: Kevin Michael Anderson++, Counselor Education-Community Counseling;
              Jennifer Ann Bender, Counselor Education-Community Counseling
        SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Michelle Lynn Hoch, School Counseling 7-12   
        WAYNE: Todd D. Baier, Counselor Education-Community Counseling;
              Jodene Marie Barta Cantrell, Counselor Education-Community Counseling
              Kara Sue Woehler, Counselor Education-Student Affairs Practice
        WINNEBAGO: Esther Rose Mercer, Counselor Education-Student Affairs Practice

        COUNCIL BLUFFS: Jamie Lynn Justesen, Counseling
        MOVILLE: Heidi Jo Staller Utesch++, School Counseling K-6
        SIOUX CITY: Rebecca Jeanne Warren, Counselor Education-Community Counseling
        SLOAN: Gina Anne Steinhoff, School Counseling 7-12

Curriculum and Instruction
        ALLEN: Marcia Ann Stamp Rastede++, Curriculum and Instruction-Social Sciences Education           
        BATTLE CREEK: Gail Lynn Schurman, Curriculum and Instruction-Elementary Education
        EMERSON: Travis Justin Volk, Curriculum & Instruction-Industrial Technology Education
        HARRISON: Patricia Elizabeth Hangman Andersen++, Curriculum & Instruction-Early Childhood Education
        LAUREL: Susan Rae Morrison Stingley, Curriculum & Instruction-Social Sciences Education         
        NORFOLK: Tory J. Nixon, Curriculum & Instruction-English Education;
              Katherine Louise Steinkamp, Curriculum & Instruction-Social Sciences Education      
        SCOTTSBLUFF: Daniel Andrew Spatzierath, Curriculum & Instruction-English as a Second Language
        WAKEFIELD: Sandra Jones Driskell++, Curriculum & Instruction-English Education        
        WAYNE: Gwen Michelle Bugbee Frideres, Curriculum & Instruction-Early Childhood Education;
              Alicia M. Karli, Curriculum & Instruction-English Education;
              Asandhi Jala Walgampaya Seneviratne, Curriculum & Instruction-Early Childhood Education

        SIOUX CITY: C. DeForest Switzer, Curriculum & Instruction-Communication Arts Education

Curriculum & Instruction - Learning Community - Fremont

        BENNINGTON: Sara Kaye Jones Reinoehl, Curriculum & Instruction  
        BLAIR: April Caroline Woolman Grinbergs++, Curriculum & Instruction              
        BURWELL: Carolyn Marie Christen, Curriculum & Instruction
        CERESCO: Andrea Rose Custer Woita, Curriculum & Instruction  
        COLUMBUS: Megan Marie Givens, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Kimberly S. Heavican Shevlin,Curriculum & Instruction 
        CRAIG: Holly Lynette Loftis, Curriculum & Instruction
        DAVID CITY: Teri Lyn Messerer++, Curriculum & Instruction
        DECATUR: Tracy Jean Nathan, Curriculum & Instruction
        ELKHORN: Kristy Marie Matulka Harries, Curriculum & Instruction;      
              Mark Michael Jones++, Curriculum & Instruction;    
              Shannon Marie Gutschow Jones++, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Morgan Dawn McArdle, Curriculum & Instruction;          
              Aaron Alfred Musson, Curriculum & Instruction;       
              Andrea Kay Smidt Nietfeld++, Curriculum & Instruction  
        ERICSON: Katherine Berniece Swett Curry, Curriculum & Instruction   
        FREMONT: James G. Cattlett, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Stephanie J. Lauritsen Cattlett, Curriculum & Instruction;  
              Elizabeth Jessica Gillming Cooper, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Jennifer Marie Baumann Grenier, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Heather Marie Renter Kroeger++, Curriculum & Instruction;     
              Tina Marie Gentry Kuddes, Curriculum & Instruction
        GENOA: Elizabeth J. Pilakowski Shanle, Curriculum & Instruction
        HOOPER: Jeremy Richard Francis++, Curriculum & Instruction
        NEWMAN GROVE: Paula Marie Wingert Stone, Curriculum & Instruction            
        OMAHA: Devon Danielle Conner Bauer++, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Martha Elizabeth Gronstal Di Lorenzo, Curriculum & Instruction;    
              Michelle Lynn Gaither, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Bonnie Jo Patten, Curriculum & Instruction;             
              Natalie Renee Lamprecht Peterson, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Jamie Paul Wieme, Curriculum & Instruction
        OSCEOLA: Joan Marie Clipston Caraway, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Julie Christine Miller, Curriculum & Instruction         
        PAPILLION: Lynda Elaine Loontjer, Curriculum & Instruction;
              Shawna Marie Santos, Curriculum & Instruction;      
              Nicole Ann Vaughan, Curriculum & Instruction
        TEKAMAH: Carrie Jean Williams Braniff, Curriculum & Instruction
        WAVERLY: Nicole Ann McCoy McIntire, Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction - Learning Community - South Sioux City


    BANCROFT: Adam Robert James, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Rebecca Jo James, Curriculum & Instruction
    BEEMER: Tanya Nancy Thomas Oligmueller, Curriculum & Instruction   
    DIXON: Callie Jean Easton Anderson, Curriculum & Instruction   
    HARTINGTON: Brenda Jo Nelson Buschkamp, Curriculum & Instruction   
    NIOBRARA: Ricky Dean Eisenhauer, Curriculum & Instruction
    NORFOLK: Elizabeth Kristen Meyer Schoenherr, Curriculum & Instruction   
    ORCHARD: Patty Jean LeMasters Sukup, Curriculum & Instruction   
    PONCA: Abby Christine Pfister, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Kory Dale Pfister, Curriculum & Instruction
        Dawn M. Walsh Rohan, Curriculum & Instruction   
    SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Laura EmiliĆ© Duzik Miller, Curriculum & Instruction;
        Michelle Sue Richling-Wood, Curriculum & Instruction;
        Shane L. Steele, Curriculum & Instruction;
        Laurie Kay Powell, Curriculum & Instruction   
    WAYNE: Audra Lynn Sievers Farrington, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Joseph D. Gubbels, Curriculum & Instruction;
        Kristine Elizabeth Fink Muir, Curriculum & Instruction   
    WEST POINT: Katie Marie Meyerink Danielski, Curriculum & Instruction   
    WINSIDE: Marshawn Ranae Elkins Gubbels, Curriculum & Instruction
    AKRON: Kurtis Craig Van Kley, Curriculum & Instruction
    ANKENY: Angelia Marie Bollmeyer Goings, Curriculum & Instruction
    BRONSON: Brandi Jo Brockhaus Jessen, Curriculum & Instruction   
    HINTON: Stephen Lee Diediker, Curriculum & Instruction;
        Cale Alan Kramer, Curriculum & Instruction   
    LAWTON: Diane Kay Oehlerking Feste, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Jill Marie Myers, Curriculum & Instruction
    SERGEANT BLUFF: Jana Jeanmarie Karhoff Grames, Curriculum & Instruction   
    SIOUX CITY: Alissah M. Albert, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Holli-Jo Brown, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Monica Marie Caspar Chamberlain, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Marguerite Ellen Morris Cortez, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Nancy Joan Malsom, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Christopher John Miller, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Kristin Maria Zwart Ortmann, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Vincent Scott Pederson++, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Megan Michelle Powers, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Stephanie Ann Sargent Strain, Curriculum & Instruction;   
        Heath Mitchell TerWee++, Curriculum & Instruction

    DAKOTA DUNES: Stephanie Annette Sandwell, Curriculum & Instruction

Physical Education
    NEWCASTLE: Theresa Jean Sedivy, Physical Education-Exercise Science   
     WAYNE: Robin Carolyn Lutt Gamble, Physical Education-Exercise Science   

School Administration
    CREIGHTON: Randall Lee Kliment, School Administration 7-12   
    OMAHA: Troy J. Malone, School Administration P-8
    NEWELL: Craig Alan Juffer, School Administration P-12


    BATTLE CREEK: Kyle L. Finke++, School Administration-Educational Leadership
    BENKELMAN: Michael Vincent Rotherham, School Administration-Educational Leadership
    CAMBRIDGE: Daniel Joe Keyser, School Administration-Educational Leadership
    SPALDING: Dawn M. Lewis++, School Administration-Educational Leadership
    TILDEN: Keith Alan Leckron, School Administration-Educational Leadership
    WINSIDE: Jeffrey Lyn Messersmith, School Administration-Educational Leadership


    MOVILLE: Steven John Shanks, School Administration-Educational Leadership
    SIOUX CITY: Stacy Lynn Bartak Brasch, School Administration-Educational Leadership

Graduation is contingent upon successful completion of the current semester.  ++August 2010 Graduate


    ALLEN: Vicky Grace Green, English Writing, Spanish, Editing & Publishing
    AXTELL: Christine Frances Frerichs, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Spanish 
    CARROLL: Pariss Noelle Bethune, Life Sciences/Biology, Psychology, Chemistry
    COLUMBUS: Dorothy Christina Larsen, Business/Agri-Buisness, Spanish 
    CROFTON: Kelsey M. Arens, Business/Finance, Spanish
    ELGIN: Carlota Victoria Tharnish++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice 
    HASTINGS: Jason Dean Sipes, Music/Applied Performance   
    NORFOLK: Katherine Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Spanish;
        Joy Louise Heimes++, English Literature, Editing & Publishing; 
        Esmeralda Hernandez, Spanish Education, French Education  
    OMAHA: Katelin Renae Graham, Spanish, Family Life Studies 
    RALSTON: Jerry Dean Saab, Jr., Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Spanish, Business Administration
    UTICA: Kiley Jo Peterson, Basic Business Education, Spanish Education  
    WAHOO: Sarah Nicole Thomsen, Mass Communication/Journalism, Spanish, Editing & Publishing
    WAKEFIELD: Marco Antonio Mejia-Guzman, Criminal Justice/Corrections   
    WAUSA: Kayla Jean Wamberg, Business/Public Accounting
    WAYNE: Blair Elizabeth Sommerfeld, Spanish, Theatre;  
        Renee Jean Theobald, Spanish, History 
    WINSIDE: Emily Jewell Sindelar, Spanish, English 
    WOOD RIVER: Meredy Leigh Dubbs, Spanish Education, Physical Education 7-12

    SIOUX CITY: Amy Lea Horan++, Human Service Counseling


    AINSWORTH: Austin Ryder Lucht, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology
    ALLEN: Brandon Paul Sands, Computer Information Systems/Networking
    ANSLEY: Belinda Lea Vavricek, Business/Management
       ARLINGTON: Bruce Ryan Mastin, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement   
    ATKINSON: Alicia Dee Addison, Elementary Education;
        Leigh Robert Fix, Computer Information Systems/Networking, Web Analyst;
        Gerdon Jay Kopecky++, Exercise Science;
        Jamie Lynn Krysl, Life Sciences/Health Sciences, Medical Technology
    AUBURN: Roxanne Lynn Maine, Family & Consumer Sciences/Fashion Merchandising, Business Administration
    AURORA: Jenna Marie Schmit, Elementary Education;
        Jessica Rose Scott, Special Education/MMH K-12
    BAYARD: Samantha Rae Jobman, Business/Marketing
    BEE: Lisa Marie Rech, Life Sciences/Biology, Environmental Studies 
       BELDEN: Katherine Ann Bartels, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    BELGRADE: Logan Thomas McPhillips, Health & Physical Education K-12   
    BELLEVUE: Timothy Joseph Burton++, Business/International Business, Economics;
        Cassandra Elizabeth Lawrence, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Kenneth Michael Turner, Art/Graphic Design, Online Media 
    BELLWOOD: Kenneth Joseph Eickmeier, Social Sciences Education;   
        Melissa Marie Eickmeier, Chemistry/Health Sciences   
    BLAIR: Katie Marie Clements, Business/Human Resource Management;
        Jack Thomas Dein, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement;
        Adrienne Marie Jensen, Art/Art Education K-12
    BLOOMFIELD: Jeremiah Dale Bertschinger, Chemistry/Health Sciences;
        Thomas A. Dahlseid, Art
    BRISTOW: Sarah LaMar Korb++, Sport Management, Exercise Science 
    BROKEN BOW: Dennis Raymond Driscoll, Mass Communication/Broadcasting Communication, Journalism 
    BRUNSWICK: Ashley Ranae Brookhouser, Health & Physical Education K-12, Geography Education;
        Amanda Jo Hofer, Business/Management   
    BURWELL: Casey Ryan Eppenbach, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    CALLAWAY: Chad K. Pitkin++, Sport Management, Business Administration, Public Administration
    CEDAR RAPIDS: Cole Daniel Zentner++, Human Service Counseling   
    CENTRAL CITY: Haley Karen Benner, Life Sciences/Health Sciences;
        Kayla Danielle Carlson, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education;
        Stephanie Ann McIlnay, Business/Management, Pre-Law;
        Katie Rae Kuck Schnitzler, Business/Public Accounting, Finance;
        Dominic David Zywiec++, Art
    CERESCO: Christina Joan Custer, Life Sciences/Biology, Spanish; 
        Stephanie Jene Custer, Family & Consumer Sciences/Foods & Nutrition
    CHADRON: Joseph A. Servin, III, Mass Communication/Broadcasting Communication   
    CHAMBERS: Pamela Kay Barelmann, Human Service Counseling
    CHENEY: Samantha Ann Thompson, Life Sciences/Biology, Spanish 
    CLARKSON: Mary Catherine Brabec, Business/Public Accounting;
        Tami Jo Johnson, Elementary Education   
    COLON: Chelsea Lee Bohaty, Family & Consumer Sciences/Interior Design, Business Administration
    COLUMBUS: Mikayla Elizabeth Beiermann, Psychology, Sociology;
        Kyle John Clarey, Chemistry/Health Sciences;
        Lance E. Evans, Political Science, Pre-Law;
        Amy L. Green, Elementary Education;
        Brynn Anne Kunhart, Elementary Education;
        Anthony Clayton Lange, Business/International Business;
        Maria A. Prohaska, Business/Management;
        Lindsey Marie Rosno, Elementary Education;
        April Mae Seiler, Elementary Education;
        Jamie Lynn Tworek, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations;
        Joni Erin Wilke, Special Education/MMH K-12;
        Sarah Marie Wurdeman, Mathematics Education   
    CONCORD: Kandyce Lousie Bloomfield, Elementary Education
    CREIGHTON: Catrina Jo Kruse, Business/Finance;
        Carrie Anne McManigal++, Business/Management ;
        Sara Marie Sorensen, Business/Management, Human Resources Management
    CRESTON: Andrew Alan Bachman++, Exercise Science, Coaching
    CROFTON: Anne Rachel Pinkelman, Elementary Education   
    DAKOTA CITY: Rachel Anne Kotalik, Business/Management, Criminal Justice
    DAVID CITY: Randall Ryan Swartz, Business/Management   
    DESHLER: Sena A. Mesloh++, Family & Consumer Sciences   
    DODGE: Jeanette Mary Klitz, Art/Graphic Design, Art-Advanced Studio 
    ELGIN: Crystal Rae Heithoff, Elementary Education;   
        Melisa Marie Hemenway, Elementary Education;
        Wade Patrick Hoefer, Chemistry/Health Sciences;
        Nathan Bernard Kuhlman, Computer Information Systems/Networking   
   ELKHORN: Leann Marie Koenig, Elementary Education
    ELM CREEK: Grant Allen Meier, Chemistry/Health Sciences
    EMERSON: Bradley Michael Ryun, Industrial Technology/Technology Education;
        Trent Paul Tullberg, Psychology, Business Administration
    EWING: Danae Lynn Bergstrom, Family & Consumer Sciences/Foods & Nutrition, Exercise Science
    FORDYCE:  Marissa Schulte, Business/Finance;
        Kyle James Stevens, Language Arts Education   
    FREMONT: Brittany A. Cody, Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy;
        Brett James Gebhardt++, Sport Management, Coaching;
        Tami Jo Kietzmann, Life Sciences/Biology, Mathematics;
        Dustin Ryan Klein, Industrial Technology/Construction Management, Safety;
        Spencer Raymond Richards, Life Sciences/Health Sciences;
        Karisa Lee Stover, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology;
        Kilie Jean Stover, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology
    FULLERTON: Andrea Danielle Stanczyk, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education  
    GERING: Brandy Kay Ouderkirk, Elementary Education   
    GRAND ISLAND: Brittany Lea Briscoe, Family & Consumer Sciences/Foods & Nutrition;
        Cody James Diehl, Technology/Drafting Occupation;
        Molly Jean Gibson, English Education;
        Amanda Christine McDowell, Chemistry/Health Sciences;
        Brett James Mills, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    HARTINGTON: Michelle Marie Jones, Business/Human Resource Management;
        Kelsey Dawn McGregor, Sport Management, Advertising 
    HENDERSON: Alyssa Brooke Bartek++, Human Service Counseling
    HOOPER: Kenneth Ryan Meyer++, Exercise Science;
        Dane Bradley Petersen, Business/Public Accounting, Finance  
    HOWELLS: Amy Marie Tichota Bargholz, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Thomas J. Blum, Art
    HUBBARD: Kayla Nicole Eriksen, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education
    HUMPHREY: Christine Elizabeth Korth, Chemistry/Health Sciences;
        Danielle Marie Wessel, Health & Physical Education K-12
    INMAN: David Neil Tompkins, Business/Management   
    JACKSON: Terssa Irene Markworth, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations   
    LAUREL: Megan Renee Lundahl, Business/Finance
    LEIGH: Justine Marie McMullin, Language Arts Education;
        Kendra Jo Urban, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Tessa Marie Wietfeld, Life Sciences/Biology   
    LEWISTON: Rachel M. Hippen, Life Sciences/Clinical Laboratory Science
    LEXINGTON: Kristin Jill Steinberger, Family & Consumer Sciences/Interior Design   
    LINCOLN: Sara Elizabeth Coffin, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations;
        Billie Jean Cole++, Human Service Counseling;
        Ashley Dian Robinson++, Mass Communication/Broadcasting Communication;
        Jami Rae Rutt, Early Childhood, Family Life Studies;
        Augustine Vincent Stanley, Sport Management
    LOUISVILLE: Jessica Lynn Monk Siske, Business/Management, Chemistry 
    LYNCH: Myrna Shay Lee Carson, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design
    LYONS: Paige Allison Landholm++, English Writing & Literature;
        Lukas Gale Rix, Business/Marketing, Management;
        Heath Alan Swanson, Mass Communication/Broadcasting Communication   
    MADISON: Amber Danette Knapp++, Human Service Counseling;
        Jack William Lafleur, Political Science, History, Pre-Law;
        Edgar S. Tello, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design, Construction Management  
    McCOOK: Jessica Marie Hall, Industrial Technology/Technology Education
    MEAD: Mark Glen Treptow, Business/Management   
    MEADOW GROVE: Misty Dawn Rystrom Ondrak, Psychology, Criminal Justice
    MILFORD: Caitlin Elise Rowland, Special Education/MMH K-12   
    MONROE: John Robert Harms, Business/Management, Marketing
    NEBRASKA CITY: Matthew Paul Schneider, Exercise Science   
    NELIGH: Kelly L. Eickholt, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education;
        Jacob Tyler Haas Mathieson, Geography, Interdisciplinary Studies: Physics, Physical Science & Mathematics;
        Kristin Jean Soper, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Kendra Timm, Chemistry/Health Sciences
    NEWCASTLE: Rick Kneifl, Art/Graphic Design;
        Sara Marie Sorenson++, Business/Finance   
    NEWMAN GROVE: Emily Christian Dohmen Afrank, Life Sciences/Health Sciences;
        Cody Jon Benson, Life Sciences/Biology, Psychology
    NICKERSON: Brian Daniel Fauss++, Sport Management, Business Administration
    NORFOLK: Amber Elizabeth Brahmer, Language Arts Education;
        Scott Thomas Bruening, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Economics;
        Jessica Kay Chamberlin, Business/Management;
        Michael William Clausen, Technology/Drafting Occupation, Management Information System;
        Amie Marie Lipetzky Edwards, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Jean Renee Thomas Fulton, Elementary Education;
        Curtis John Hanzlik, Political Science, Broadcast Communication;
        Jessica Lynn Hult, Elementary Education;
        Travis Michael Langan, Life Sciences/Biology;
        RoseAnn Marie Wheeler Lewis++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice;
        Jon Matthew McManaman, Life Sciences/Biology;
        Chad R. Miller, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement;
        Christopher Charles Molden, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Psychology,
        Jada Fay Munro, Early Childhood, Theatre;
        Jamie Lynn Nemec, Business/Management;
        Susan Maria Ortmeier, Elementary Education;
        Stacy Anna Pecka, Early Childhood, Foods & Nutrition;
        Jaclyn Patrice Pendleton, English Writing, Art, Editing & Publishing;
        Jenna Marie Prince++, Business/Marketing;
        Ashlee Lynn Radenz, Psychology, Criminal Justice;
        Caralynn Marie Riese, Elementary Education;
        Aaron Roman Schock, Exercise Science;
        Erin Lynn Settles, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Michael J. Timperley, Computer Information Systems/Web Analyst, Online Media;
        Ty Sterling Tucker, Art/Art Education K-12;
        Ashley Nicole Bohaty Weinrich, Family & Consumer Sciences, Fashion Merchandising;
        Jonathan Roger Winans++, Human Service Counseling
    NORTH PLATTE: Sarah S. Salisbury, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Psychology, Mathematics
    OAKDALE: Tasha Rose Mitchell, Life Sciences/Health Sciences   
    OAKLAND: Jennings Johnson++, Technology/Industrial Trades Occupation;
        Andrew Edward Nelson, Business/Management   
    OMAHA: Timothy Austin Bertino, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems;
        Nichole Mary David, Interdisciplinary Studies: Human Services & Social Systems, Retail Management Skills;
        Dixie Lee Davis III, Sport Management, Business Administration;
        Autumn Drickey, Elementary Education;
        Sarah JoAnn Holdcroft, English Education;
        Ashlen Ray Johnson++, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Broadcast Communication;
        Alex William Koch, Sport Management;
        Nathaniel Quinn Preston++, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design;
        Erika Ashley Roetzel, Family & Consumer Sciences/Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design;  
        Amy Nicole Sandstrom, Business/Public Accounting;
        John David Snyder, Business/Finance, Sport Management; 
        John Arturs Tramdachs, Business/Management;
        Jennifer Mae-Yin Yee, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology
    O'NEILL: Lacey L. Matthews, English Writing, History;
        Mary Marice Peter, Life Sciences/Health Sciences;
        Matthew Schaaf, History, Political Science;
        David Edward Seger, Life Sciences/Biology;
        Kyle James Sobotka, Business/Management, Biology 
    ORCHARD: Andrew Scott Hurtig++, Sport Management   
    OSMOND: Laura Christina Hansen, Life Sciences/Biology,
        Shawn Ryan Vinson, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design, Construction Management
    PAPILLION: Jessica Lynn Stuthman, Industrial Technology/Plan & Design   
    PENDER: Jenna Anne Meyer, Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry 
    PETERSBURG: Jon Thomas Best, Elementary Education
    PIERCE: Samantha J. Williams Hahn, Music/Instrumental K-8 & 7-12 Education;
        Kylie Jo Herian, Life Sciences/Health Sciences;
        Elizabeth Hilkemann, Art/Graphic Design, Family Life Studies;
        Anthony Loren Jelinek++, Art/Graphic Design, Advertising;
        Tiffany Lynn Kern Neesen, Art/Graphic Design,
        Cameron Karl Tietgen++, Human Service Counseling;
        Scott L. Wachter, Business/Finance, Industrial Technology
    PILGER: Grant Andrew Mazuch, Business/Management   
    PLAINVIEW: Ashley Kay Brozek, Art/Art Education K-12;
        Nicholas Duncan MacGregor, Political Science, Geography;
        Miranda Mae Stueckrath, Family & Consumer Sciences/Interior Design   
    PONCA: Gurn Robert Curry, Business/Agri-Business   
    RALSTON: Laura Jean Bishop, Marketing Education   
    RANDOLPH: Andrew Michael Anderson, Computer Information Systems/Networking;
        Karrie Sue Haselhorst, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Gina Korth++, Business/Finance, Economics;
        Ashly Loraine Wiese, Business/Accounting
    RAVENNA: Evan J. Paitz, Computer Information Systems/Networking, Computer Science 
    ROCA: Derek Edward Moormeier, Life Sciences/Biology, Exercise Science
    ROSALIE: Wade Allen Whitsel, Middle Level Education   
    SCOTTSBLUFF: John Zachary Skiles Chain, Life Sciences/Health Sciences
    SCRIBNER: Stazia Lyn Eggleston Pribnow++, Human Service Counseling;
        John Evan Stollberg, Exercise Science, Business Administration 
    SEWARD: Ashley Ann Baumbach++, Human Service Counseling;
        Ashley Ann Cochran, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Psychology, Biology;
        Joshua Joseph Sypal, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology 
    SHELBY: Heather Ann Bernt, Special Education/MMH K-12, Elementary Education  
    SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Carra Mae Anderson, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement;   
        Jean Denise Milander Anderson++, Human Service Counseli;ng, Criminal Justice;
        Chance M. Bernstrauch, Business/Finance;
        Dannie Freemen Caskey, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement;
        Caley Lynn Croy++, Human Service Counseling;
        Lacey Elizabeth Muirhead, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Lacee Murtaugh, Psychology, Criminal Justice;
        Shane Martin Sanders, Business/Finance;
        Joseph John Schnoes++, Art/Graphic Design;   
        Justin Charles Schoepf, Business Education;
        Jeffrey Scott Schweiger, Health & Physical Education K-12;
        Amanda Jo Weaver, Early Childhood Education Unified;
        Carol E. DeBauche Yandell, Social Sciences   
    SPENCER: Riley Robert Hamilton, Computer Information Systems/Networking
    SPRINGFIELD: Justin L. Hoskins, Health & Physical Education K-12;
        Laura Susanne Peplow, Art/Graphic Design, Editing & Publishing 
    ST. PAUL: Lindsey Kay Grim, Applied Human & Sport Physiology, Coaching 
    STANTON: Aric Lynn Butterfield, Social Sciences Education;
        Kenneth Alfons Wurdinger++, Computer Science
    STAPLEHURST: Tyson J. Hegeholz++, Business/Management   
    TECUMSEH: Jessica Lynn Borrenpohl++, Life Sciences/Biology, Psychology
    TEKAMAH: Jill Marie Dorathy, Sport Management
    VALENTINE: Kimberly Lynn Meyer, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement   
    VALLEY: Courtney Martina Fedde, Business/Public Accounting
    VERDIGRE: Terry Daniel Skokan, Life Sciences/Clinical Lab Science   
    WAHOO: Candace Leigh Ahrens, English Education, History Education;
        Kaitlyn Ann Pfeiffer, Elementary Education   
    WAKEFIELD: Myles Alan Brown, Speech Communication/Communication Studies;
        Rebecca Dianne Goos, Special Education/MMH K-12;
        Calie Ann Nelson++, Human Service Counseling;
        Taylor James Peters, Computer Information Systems/Networking, Computer Science
    WATERBURY:  Samantha Amanda Turney++, English Writing, Editing & Publishing 
    WAUSA: Jessica Kay Anderson, Business/Management;
        Amy Grace Bloomquist, Early Childhood, Family Life Studies;
        Austin Benjamin Donner++, Exercise Science;
        Torrian Ann Neeman, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations;
        Eva Betty Rosberg, Sociology, Public Administration
    WAVERLY: Justin Ray Schreier, Business/Human Resource Management, Psychology 
    WAYNE: John Phillip Brady, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Emergency Management;
        Joseph Kruse Brogie, Life Sciences/Biology;
        Sean Buckels, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement;
        Jonathan Paul Ehrhardt, Elementary Education;
        Alexis Nicole Jehle, Business/Office Administration;
        Tyler Scott Johnson, Exercise Science;
        Lesa Kay Lutt, Early Childhood;   
        Blake Andrew Lyon, Music/Instrumental K-8 & 7-12 Education;
        Carmon Sue Locker Petters++, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement;
        Melissa Jean Temme, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design;
        John M. Whitt, Life Sciences/Biology, Speech Communication
    WEEPING WATER: Andrew Thomas Murphy, Mass Communication/Broadcasting Communication   
    WEST POINT: Kayse Renae Abrahams++, Human Service Counseling;
        Derick Marvin Engelbart, Technology/Industrial Management;
        Frank X. Gade, Natural Sciences Education;
        Emily Ann Wiechman, Early Childhood   
    WINSIDE: Ashley Jo Frevert++, Human Service Counseling, Sociology;
        Anna Janke, Business/Accounting
    WISNER: Christine Kay Hass, Business/Agri-Business, Marketing;
        Kelsy Caye Matthes, Business/Marketing, Management
    WOLBACH: Krista Marie Ohde, Music/Vocal & Instrumental Education K-12, Theatre Education  
    WOOD RIVER: Melissa Marie Bauer, Life Sciences/Biology   
    YORK: Rick Charles Bartek, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations;
        Taylor Janea Coffin, Life Sciences/Health Sciences

    AUDUBON: Kati Jo Lynn Christensen, Applied Human & Sport Physiology, Business Administration
    BATTLE CREEK: Bobby John Fundermann++, Criminal Justice/Corrections
    CASTANA: Jenna Leigh Mann, Chemistry/Health Sciences
    CHARITON: Brett Spiker, Business/International Business   
    CHATSWORTH: Lisa Marie Puhl, Elementary Education 
    CHEROKEE: Kayla Jean Messerole++, Human Service Counseling
    CORRECTIONVILLE: Stevey Jo Clark, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations;
        Abby Leigh Thompson, Elementary Education   
    DUBUQUE: Christopher James Holton, Art
    EXIRA: Alicia Jane Olsen, Criminal Justice Corrections
    GLENWOOD: Gina Marie Giaffoglione++, Human Service Counseling 
    HOLSTEIN: Tyler Jon Gebers, Elementary Education
    HORNICK: Mary Elizabeth MacClure, Mass Communication/Broadcasting Communication
    KESWICK: Brittany Noel Maxwell, Business/Finance;
        Brian Jacob Metz, Business/Management       
    MAPLETON: Lindsey Marie Carothers, Business/Human Resource Management, Speech Communication
    MOVILLE: Cassie Lou Jacobsen++, Business/Marketing;
        Luke Martens++, Technology/Industrial Trades Occupation   
    ONAWA: Glen A. Coble, Social Sciences   
    SERGEANT BLUFF: Ashley Rae Becvar, Elementary Education;
        Allyson Jean Franco++, Human Service Counseling   
    SIOUX CITY: Kayla Virginia Biernbaum++, Elementary Education;   
        Janell K. Bock, English Education;
        Sarah Anna Browne-Walish, Social Sciences, Emergency Management, Public Administration;
        Allison Marie Friedmann, Life Sciences/Biology, Environmental Studies;
        Chad Evan Moreland, Business/Management;
        Sara Lynn Salmen, Early Childhood Education Unified
    SLOAN: Max Gregory Heisterkamp, Business/Marketing
    SPIRIT LAKE: Manndi Jo Miller, Art

    PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Benny E. Collins, Jr., Sport Management, Advertising, Business Administration
    MODESTO, CALIFORNIA: Sherrod Maurice Richards++    , Criminal Justice/Corrections
    LOVELAND, COLORADO: Kyle Joseph Smith, Sport Management   
    POWDER SPRINGS, GEORGIA: Warren Anthony Brown, Jr.++, Business/Marketing
    KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS: Crystal Deanne Steck, Business/Management   
    COLBY, KANSAS: Brian Wayne Sulzman, Health & Physical Education K-12   
    WICHITA, KANSAS: Seth Porter Chadick, Life Sciences/Biology
    TOPEKA, KANSAS: Joshua John Yost, Chemistry/Chemical Sciences
    ST. JAMES, MINNESOTA: Justin Michael Sperl++, Art/Graphic Design, Advertising
    WORTHINGTON, MINNESOTA: Rebecca Anne Brignac, Sport Management
    LENNOX, SOUTH DAKOTA: Kole Eugene Nordmann, Sport Management
    SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA: Lucas Ted Marchand, Life Sciences/Biology   
    KATY, TEXAS: Crista Marie Shuman, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations
    CHEYENNE, WYOMING: Tyler James Gutierrez, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    TORRINGTON, WYOMING: Megan Ellen Zavorka, Chemistry/Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences/Biology, Coaching
    WHEATLAND, WYOMING: Connor Thomas Bramlet, Exercise Science, Coaching

    CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA: Darren Michael Kamp, Business/Public Accounting, Computer Information Systems
    LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIS, CANADA: Ryan Cameron Lennerton, Health & Physical Education K-12

Based on the student's cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to their semester of graduation.
High Honors in the Major -12 hours of honors courses and complete a junior/senior honors project.
Honors in the Major - 6 hours of honors courses and complete a junior/senior honors project.
Scholar in the Major - complete a junior/senior honors project.

The John G. Neihardt Scholars Program provides special academic and scholarship opportunities for outstanding students enrolling at Wayne State College. Each year the Scholarship Council selects a limited number from the qualified applicants to participate in the program, which offers special classes, colloquia, and advisement. Students accepted into the program, who maintain their eligibility, are awarded a four-year scholarship for tuition up to 128 total credit hours and an annual stipend of $500.

John G. Neihardt Scholars

    NORFOLK: Katherine Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Summa cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations
        Senior Research Project: The Absence of a Legacy: A Historical Analysis of Women and Leadership
        Colloquium Advisor: Dr. Ronald E. Whitt
    NORTH PLATTE: Sarah S. Salisbury, Magna cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Chemistry/Health Sciences
        Senior Research Project: The Quantum-Chemical Study of Pyrazinacenes: Aza Analogues of Acenes
        Colloquium Advisor: Dr. Paul A. Karr


    BLOOMFIELD: Thomas A. Dahlseid, Cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Art
    BRUNSWICK: Ashley Ranae Brookhouser, Honorable Mention with Scholar in the Major Geography Education  
    COLUMBUS: Amy L. Green, Magna cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Elementary Education
        Jamie Lynn Tworek, Magna cum Laude with Scholar in the Major Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations   
    FREMONT: Brittany A. Cody, Summa cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Life Sciences/Biology
    MADISON: Jack William Lafleur, Summa cum Laude with Honors in the Major Political Science
    NELIGH: Jacob Tyler Haas Mathieson, Summa cum Laude with Scholar in the Major Geography
    NORFOLK: Curtis John Hanzlik, High Honors in the Major Political Science
    PAPILLION: Jessica Lynn Stuthman, Honorable Mention with Scholar in the Major Industrial Technology/Plan & Design   
    STANTON: Aric Lynn Butterfield, Summa cum Laude with Honors in the Major Social Sciences Education   
    WAUSA: Eva Betty Rosberg, Magna cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Sociology
    WAYNE: Blair Elizabeth Sommerfeld, Magna cum Laude with Honors in the Major Theatre  

    DUBUQUE: Christopher James Holton, Scholar in the Major Art
    SPIRIT LAKE: Manndi Jo Miller, Scholar in the Major Art

    TORRINGTON: Megan Ellen Zavorka, Cum Laude with Scholar in the Major Chemistry/Chemical Sciences and Life Sciences/Biology

Summa cum Laude

Based on the student's cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to their semester of graduation.Cumulative grade point average between 3.90 to 4.00.

    BELGRADE: Logan Thomas McPhillips       
    BRUNSWICK: Amanda Jo Hofer
    COLUMBUS: April Mae Seiler       
    CRESTON: Andrew Alan Bachman++
    ELGIN: Crystal Rae Heithoff; Melisa Marie Hemenway
    FREMONT: Brittany A. Cody
    FULLERTON: Andrea Danielle Stanczyk       
    HENDERSON: Alyssa Brooke Bartek++
    HUMPHREY: Christine Elizabeth Korth       
    HOWELLS: Amy Marie Tichota Bargholz
    LEIGH: Justine Marie McMullin
    LEWISTON: Rachel M. Hippen       
    MADISON:Amber Danette Knapp++; Jack William Lafleur
    NELIGH: Jacob Tyler Haas Mathieson       
    NORFOLK: Katherine Elizabeth Fitzgerald; Jean Renee Thomas Fulton; Susan Maria Ortmeier;
        Ashlee Lynn Radenz; Caralynn Marie Riese; Aaron Roman Schock       
    PIERCE: Elizabeth Hilkemann
    SEWARD: Joshua Joseph Sypal       
    SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Caley Lynn Croy++       
    STANTON: Aric Lynn Butterfield       
    WAHOO: Kaitlyn Ann Pfeiffer; Sarah Nicole Thomsen

    CHATSWORTH: Lisa Marie Puhl       
    KESWICK: Brian Jacob Metz
    CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA: Darren Michael Kamp

Magna cum Laude

Based on the student's cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to their semester of graduation.Cumulative grade point average between 3.80 to 3.89.


    ALLEN: Vicky Grace Green
    BLOOMFIELD: Jeremiah Dale Bertschinger       
    COLUMBUS: Kyle John Clarey; Amy L. Green; Brynn Anne Kunhart; Jamie Lynn Tworek
    FREMONT: Karisa Lee Stover; Kilie Jean Stover
    LAUREL: Megan Renee Lundahl       
    NELIGH: Kelly L. Eickholt       
    NORFOLK: Amber Elizabeth Brahmer; Joy Louise Heimes++; Stacy Anna Pecka
    NORTH PLATTE: Sarah S. Salisbury       
    RALSTON: Jerry Dean Saab, Jr.       
    WAUSA: Eva Betty Rosberg       
    WAYNE: Jonathan Paul Ehrhardt; Blake Andrew Lyon; Blair Elizabeth Sommerfeld   
    WOLBACH: Krista Marie Ohde
    YORK: Rick Charles Bartek  

    BATTLE CREEK: Bobby John Fundermann++

cum Laude
Based on the student's cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to their semester of graduation. Cumulative grade point average between 3.70 to 3.79.

    ATKINSON: Alicia Dee Addison       
    BELLEVUE: Timothy Joseph Burton++       
    BELLWOOD: Melissa Marie Eickmeier
    BLOOMFIELD: Thomas A. Dahlseid       
    BRISTOW: Sarah LaMar Korb++       
    CARROLL: Pariss Noelle Bethune
    CENTRAL CITY: Haley Karen Benner       
    CLARKSON: Tami Jo Johnson       
    DODGE: Jeanette Mary Klitz
    ELM CREEK: Grant Allen Meier
    HUBBARD: Kayla Nicole Eriksen       
    NELIGH: Kristin Jean Soper; Kendra Timm       
    NEWMAN GROVE: Emily Christian Dohmen Afrank
    NORFOLK: Jada Fay Munro; Jaclyn Patrice Pendleton       
    OMAHA: Autumn Drickey       
    OSMOND: Laura Christina Hansen
    RANDOLPH: Karrie Sue Haselhorst
    SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Jean Denise Milander Anderson++
    SPENCER: Riley Robert Hamilton       
    TECUMSEH: Jessica Lynn Borrenpohl++
    VALLEY: Courtney Martina Fedde
    WAUSA: Amy Grace Bloomquist
    WAYNE: Tyler Scott Johnson       
    WOOD RIVER: Meredy Leigh Dubbs       
    YORK: Taylor Janea Coffin 
    CASTANA: Jenna Leigh Mann       
    HOLSTEIN: Tyler Jon Gebers
    KESWICK: Brittany Noel Maxwell       
    MAPLETON: Lindsey Marie Carothers
    SIOUX CITY: Janell K. Bock

    TOPEKA, KANSAS: Joshua John Yost
    TORRINGTON, WYOMING: Megan Ellen Zavorka

Honorable Mention

Based on the student's cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to their semester of graduation. Cumulative grade point average between 3.50 to 3.69.


    AINSWORTH: Austin Ryder Lucht   
    AURORA: Jenna Marie Schmit   
    AXTELL: Christine Frances Frerichs
    BAYARD: Samantha Rae Jobman
    BELLWOOD: Kenneth Joseph Eickmeier   
    BRUNSWICK: Ashley Ranae Brookhouser
    CENTRAL CITY: Kayla Danielle Carlson
    CERESCO: Christina Joan Custer   
    CLARKSON: Mary Catherine Brabec   
    COLON: Chelsea Lee Bohaty   
    COLUMBUS: Lindsey Marie Rosno; Sarah Marie Wurdeman
    CONCORD: Kandyce Lousie Bloomfield   
    CREIGHTON: Sara Marie Sorensen   
    CROFTON: Anne Rachel Pinkelman
    DAKOTA CITY: Rachel Anne Kotalik   
    ELGIN: Carlota Victoria Tharnish++;Wade Patrick Hoefer   
    ELKHORN: Leann Marie Koenig   
    EWING: Danae Lynn Bergstrom
    FREMONT: Spencer Raymond Richards   
    GRAND ISLAND: Brittany Lea Briscoe
    HOOPER: Dane Bradley Petersen
    LYNCH: Myrna Shay Lee Carson   


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