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Wayne State Theatre Department To Perform 54th Annual Children's Show

Published: 3-12-2014 2:50 pm

Wayne State College students will perform during public performances of the 54th Children's Show, "Treasure Island," in Ramsey Theatre, located in the Peterson Fine Arts Building, at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on March 30.

Admission prices are $6 for adults and $4 for students. Wayne State College staff, students and faculty are admitted free with an ID. School students will attend performances at various times.

Treasure Island by George Joseph Caruso is adapted from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson and produced in cooperation with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc. of Denver, Colo.

When this adventure story premiered Off-Broadway, it received critical acclaim. Parents Magazine considered it, "a delightful experience," and the New York Times called it an "inventive classic." Treasure Island includes the villainous Long John Silver following young Jim across the ocean to search out a buried fortune on Treasure Island.

Towncrier .... Jacob Jones (1st Year – Norfolk) – Computer Sciences

Captain Bill Bones .... Laura Bergeron (1st Year – Omaha) – Early Childhood Education

Mr. Grundy .... Christina Osantowski (3rd Year – Bellwood) - Psychology

Mrs. Grundy .... Hope Pedersen (1st Year – Pierce) – Art Education/History

Mr. Posket .... Nitra Blackwell (2nd Year – Papillion) – Criminal Justice

Mrs. Posket .... Rachel Carpenter (1st Year – Wood River) - Music

Sheamus ‘The Fiddler Man .... Michael Bogner (1st Year – Norfolk) – Political Science

Betty the Barmaid .... Michele Hemphill (2nd Year – Waterloo) - Biology

Liver Spot Liz .... *Karla Kay Wiese (Senior – Randolph) – Early Childhood Development

Laurie .... *Sami Taylor (1st Year – Beemer) – Journalism/Mass Communications

Jim .... Kelsie Walden (Senior – Sioux City, Iowa) – Criminal Justice and Sociology

Auntie Nan .... Gavin Friedrich (1st Year – Wausa) - Accounting

Dr. Livesey .... *Isaac Baker (1st Year – Jasper, Flor.) - Undeclared

Red Dog .... MacKenzie Larson (1st Year – Nebraska City)- Computer Aided Drafting

Morgan .... *Nathan Seaman (3rd Year – Hebron)- Mass Communication/Broadcasting

O’Brien .... Amanda Hartman (1st Year – Schuyler)- Graphic Design

Bonny .... *Nitra Blackwell (2nd Year – Papillion)- Criminal Justice

Annie .... *Sondra Wellington (3rd Year – Hull, Iowa)- Early Childhood Development

Captain Flint .... Zach Halsey (2nd Year – Pierce)- Elementary Education

Long John Silver .... *William Miller (Senior – Sioux City, Iowa)- Secondary Education

Captain Smollett .... *Daniel Hucks (Senior – Tulsa, Okla.) - Geography

Sea Travellers .... Cecilia Ostry (3rd Year – Bruno) – Elementary Education

Michael Bogner (1st Year – Norfolk) – Political Science

Man on Street .... Angelique Stappert (1st Year – Bow Valley) – Elementary Education

Dock Laborers .... Michele Hemphill (2nd Year – Waterloo) - Biology

Zach Halsey (2nd Year – Pierce) – Elementary Education

Belle Gunn .... Michele Hemphill (2nd Year – Waterloo) - Biology

Red Legs Greaves .... Mikala Farrier (1st Year – Lindsay) – Pre-Nursing

Black Caesar .... Jacob Jones (1st Year – Norfolk)- Computer Sciences

Maddie Redbeard O’Connor .... *Abby Schademann (3rd Year – Columbus) – Speech Communication

Blue Bard .... Laura Bergeron (1st Year – Omaha)

Sandokhan .... Rachel Carpenter (1st Year – Wood River) - Music

Ching Shih .... Cecilia Ostry (3rd Year – Bruno) – Elementary Education

Jean Lafitte .... Hope Pedersen (1st Year – Pierce)- Art Education/History

Bill Barbarossa .... Christina Osantowski (3rd Year – Bellwood) - Psychology

Fiddler Francis .... Michael Bogner (1st Year – Norfolk) – Political Science

Erv .... Alexis Larsen (1st Year – Norfolk) – Human Service Counseling

Murderin’ Millie .... Angelique Stappert (1st Year – Bow Valley) – Elementary Education

Blue Diamond .... *Karla Kay Wiese (Senior – Randolph) – Early Childhood Development


Director .... Dr. Gwen Jensen

Technical Director .... Tim Case of Wayne

Fight Choreography .... Eric Hagen of Wayne, Callie Hisek of Wayne

Stage Manager .... Kenndra Dunker of Wayne

1st Assistant Stage Manager .... Zach Halsey of Pierce

2nd Assistant Stage Manager .... *Nitra Blackwell of Papillion

Costume Manager .... *Jordan Kocian ( 3rd Year – Pierce) – Graphic Design

2nd Costume Manager .... Michael Bogner of Norfolk

Costume Creation Crew .... *Sondra Wellington of Hull, Iowa; Kenndra Dunker of Wayne, Cecilia Ostry of Bruno, Jacob Jones of Wayne, Christina Osantowski of Bellwood, Rachel Carpenter of Wood River

Properties Manager .... *Nathan Seaman of Hebron

Properties Crew .... MacKenzie Larson of Nebraska City, Hope Pedersen of Norfolk, Laura Bergeron of Bellevue, *Sami Taylor of Omaha, *Karla Kay Wiese of Randolph

Weapons Manager .... Zach Halsey of Pierce

Weapons Crew .... *Daniel Hucks of Tulsa, Okla., Gavin Friedrich of Wausa, *Nitra Blackwell of Papillion

Lighting Designer/Hang Supervisor .... Kai Wiexelman of Wayne

Sound Design .... Michele Hemphill of Wahoo

Dramaturg .... *Daniel Hucks of Tulsa, Okla.,

Poster Distribution .... Amy Stump of Rock Rapids, Iowa; *Abby Schademann of Columbus, Michele Hemphill of Wahoo

Makeup Assistants .... *Jordan Kocian of Pierce, *Karla Kay Wiese of Randolph

Hair Designs .... Cecilia Ostry of Bruno

Foley Creation Manager .... Kelsie Walden of Sioux City, Iowa

Foley Creation Crew .... Amanda Hartman of Schuyler, Alexis Larsen of Norfolk, Mikala Farrier of Lindsay, *Abby Schademann of Columbus

Foley Performance .... Kenndra Dunker, Alexis Larsen of Norfolk

Dance Coordinator .... *Abby Schademann of Columbus

House Manager/Reservations .... Mollie Spieker of Wayne

Poster/Program Design .... Trudy Muir of Wayne

Indicates Theatre Minor or Theatre Education Endorsement

Dress Rehearsal Costume Shoppe, LLC- Pierce, Kathleen Angeroth of Wayne State College, Dr. Karl Kolbeck of Wayne State College, USD Theatre, Phil Pfaltzgraff of Wayne State College, Dr. Deborah Whitt of Wayne State College, Steven Elliott of Wayne State College


Interim Dean, School of Arts and Humanities .... Steven Elliott, MFA

Department Chair, Communication Arts .... Deborah Whitt, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of Theatre .... Gwen Jensen, Ph.D.

Adjunct Technical Director/Scenic Designer .... Tim Case, MFA

Ramsey Venue Manager .... Melissa Derechailo, Ph.D.

Office Assistant III .... Joyce Trevett

Office Assistant II .... Suzanne Penn

Office Assistant II .... Laura Burtwistle

For more information, please contact Gwen Jensen, Professor of Theatre, at (402) 375-7422 or e-mail


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