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Black & Gold Series Presents Montana Repertory Theatre's 'Miracle Worker' on Feb. 13

Published: 1-21-2014 3:30 pm

Wayne State College’s Black and Gold Series will host the Montana Repertory Theatre's national tour performance of "The Miracle Worker'' by William Gibson at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 13 in Ramsey Theatre, in Peterson Fine Arts Building.

The performance is a dramatization of the story of Helen Keller and her tutor, Annie Sullivan. Keller overcomes rage and confusion with the help of her teacher. The two women share in triumph over Keller's physical disabilities. 

Join the cast and crew as they explore the heart of character and the mystery of courage. The Miracle Worker is a story of victory over unbelievable odds accomplished through conviction, perseverance and love.

The Montana Repertory Theatre was established as a professional touring company in 1968. In recent years it has presented more than 450 performances in more than 350 communities from California to New York. 

Characters include:
Annie Sullivan, Helen's 20-year-old teacher, who survived a childhood of almost unbelievable privation and loss. A strong and vibrant young woman, she is determined to connect Helen to the world.

Helen Keller, 6 years old, has been blind and deaf since she was a baby. She is trapped in her own world, unable to see, hear, or speak.

Capt. Arthur Keller, Helen's father, is stern but devoted to his family. He struggles to communicate with his young daughter.

Kate Keller, Helen's mother, is tormented by her daughter's disability and determined to give Helen any possible opportunity to learn.

James Keller, Helen's teenage half-brother, sees Helen as mentally defective and believes she should be put in an asylum.

Aunt Ev, Helen's aunt, is a talkative, opinionated woman who serves as a catalyst for the Kellers' contact with the Perkins Institution for the Blind.

Anagnos is Annie's counselor at the Perkins Institution for the Blind. He is fond of Annie and serves as a mentor and friend.

Viney, a household servant, shows affection toward the Keller children.

Cost: $10 general admission - Tickets are on sale at the WSC Business Office. Seating capacity is limited - purchasing tickets in advance is recommended. Call 402-375-7517. 

Tickets are available at no cost to WSC faculty, staff and students with valid ID.  The tickets will be available Jan. 27 at the Information Desk in the Student Center. Picking up tickets before the day of the show is strongly encouraged. 

For information: 402-375-7394


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