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Costa Rica Study Abroad Agreement Increases Student Well-Being

Published: 9-25-2012 4:10 pm

Want to spend a month at one of the happiest places on Earth, all while taking Spanish classes and paying Wayne State College tuition? You can through Wayne State College.

The Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State College System approved an agreement between Wayne State College and the Costa Rica Spanish Institute during the Sept. 6-7 board meeting. As a result, students can pay Wayne State College tuition at Wayne State College and register for Spanish classes in Costa Rica next June.

Dr. Adolfo Cacheiro, WSC professor of Spanish, will lead the Costa Rica Program, which will run June 2 through July 3, 2013, in San Jose, the capital, and Manuel Antonio, an internationally famous resort area on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

"Students will spend two weeks near Manuel Antonio National Park, a stunning combination of rainforests, beaches and coral reefs, which is listed by Forbes among the 12 most beautiful national parks in the world. Study abroad has many benefits, such as increasing self-confidence and understanding of other cultures, but from the point of view of language students, the most obvious benefit is that it's the best way to learn a language. Living with middle-class families -- carefully selected for their friendliness and support of North American students -- and language classes that take place where the language is spoken, provide a total immersion experience," Cacheiro said.

"Costa Rica is an ideal place to study abroad: a safe, beautiful country that combines sustainable development with a booming economy. It's the best scoring country on the Happy Planet Index, an index of human well-being and environmental impact developed by the New Economics Foundation," Cacheiro said.
For information: Adolfo Cacheiro,, 402-375-7461 or visit



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