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Wayne State to Host Nebraska Physiological Society Meeting on Oct. 6

Published: 8-23-2012 2:15 pm

Wayne State College will host the annual meeting of the Nebraska Physiological Society (NPS) on Oct. 6 in the Frey Conference Suite, WSC Student Center. The deadline for submissions of abstracts and registration is Sept. 7.

Keynote speakers and their presentations: Dr. Jerome Dempsey, “Humans in Hypoxia: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, Dr. Erik Swenson, “Acetazolamide and High Altitude Illness: New Appreciation for an Old Hand”, Dr. Barbara Goodman, “Use of Inquiry to Enhance Student Learning”, and Dr. Saras Viswanathan, “Inflamed Fat: Does Oxidative Stress Start the Fire?”

Workshops include “Teaching Physiology Concepts with Vernier Data Acquisition Systems for Outreach and Education” and “What's Next? Career and Professional Development for Trainees”.

NPS was awarded an American Physiological Chapter Grant in April to support science education and outreach. The grant will fund the purchase of two sets of Vernier LabQuest Physiology Packages. These systems include interface and sensors for EKG, Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor, Surface Temperature, Blood Pressure, Hand Dynamometer, Spirometer and O2 Gas.  The sets will provide resources for use by NPS members in outreach activities while also being able to make available a system that could be borrowed by teachers who have participated in workshops, thus reducing scheduling conflicts and enhancing availability.

The Nebraska Physiological Society (NPS) is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 as the Nebraska Chapter of the American Physiological Society. NPS fosters interdisciplinary contacts among researchers interested in the physiologic sciences and in the education of the general public and future physiologists. The society holds an annual meeting at which members present and discuss their work from the previous year and sponsors other events consistent with its goals.

Please submit research or teaching abstracts online at under the annual meeting tab. The graduate student chosen for the 15 minute oral presentation can also give a poster presentation and be considered for the award. However, they will be judged based on their poster presentation only and not their oral presentation.

Register for the meeting by Sept. 7 at under the annual meeting tab. Fees are $35 for members, $15 for postdoctoral fellows, $10 for graduate and undergraduate students, and $25 for teaching professionals.

Please check the website often for updated information:

For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Engebretsen, NPS president, Wayne State College,


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