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Wayne State College to Conduct Campus-wide Tornado Drill March 21

Published: 3-13-2012 3:00 pm

Wayne State College will conduct an all-campus Tornado Drill at 9:05 a.m. Wednesday, March 21.  The drill will last until about 9:20 a.m., when the “all clear” message will go out. All College employees and students are expected to participate in the drill.  The drill will begin with an amplified voice announcement over the campus public address system from Campus Security.

When the Tornado warning/drill announcement is made:
1.    Move quickly to the lowest interior area of the building or designated tornado shelter.
2.    Do not use elevators.
3.    Stay away from windows.
4.    If outdoors, seek indoor shelter if possible.
5.    Remain in the tornado shelter area until you are notified it is safe to leave.

In the event of an actual tornado warning: 
a.    Crouch near the floor or under heavy, well supported objects and cover your head.
b.    Be alert for fire.
c.    If a tornado strikes, help avoid telephone overloads.  Do not use telephones (including cell phones) except for emergency.

To prepare for an emergency:
•    Identify tornado shelter areas in basements or interior hallways or corridors.
•    Take note of building floor plans and exit routes.

The Disaster Planning Group requests that faculty members please announce information regarding the drill to your classes prior to March 21.

The city of Wayne will conduct its tornado exercise at about 10 a.m. March 21, which will be commenced with the sounding of the sirens around the city. WSC's Disaster Planning Group decided to conduct the college's drill earlier to lessen the impact on the Career Fair on campus that day.

In case of severe weather on the day of the drill, WSC will postpone its drill until March 28. The drill will be followed by an e-mail survey that will go out to the campus community to evaluate our emergency notification and evacuation/shelter procedures, community knowledge of tornado emergency procedures and collect feedback.

Severe weather, such as a tornado, is the most likely emergency event to occur on campus.  For your safety and that of others on the campus, it is vital that everyone participate in campus emergency drills such as this one.


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