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Wayne State College To Present Music-Based Laser Light Shows

Published: 10-10-2011 9:20 am

The Fred G. Dale planetarium at Wayne State College will present laser light shows in October and November.

Using a new full dome solid state laser projection system that produces all colors of the rainbow, the shows will be an intense and exciting experience for all ages. During the course of the two months the planetarium will present 17 music-based shows, including LaserBeatles, LaserRetro, LaserHolidays, two Pink Floyd shows, and three educational-based shows, including Legends of the Night Sky: Orion and Paradigm Shift.

More information about the planetarium and these shows, including the full laser show schedule, can be found at Admission is free, but the suggested donation for the laser shows is $5 per person. There isn't another laser light show system like this for hundreds of miles!

The Wayne State College planetarium includes:
-- a high-definition projection system putting 3 million pixels on the 30-foot dome;
-- Astronomy software with a database of 500 million stars that can move backward and forward through time +/- 100,000 years. The system allows an audience to look at space from any location in the solar system; allows the audience viewers to fly through space; and has an extensive educational library of astronomical images and movies for kindergarten through college class use.
-- a learning environment with a surround-sound system.

For information: 402-375-7471.


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