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Health, Human Performance and Sport Students Flex Their Academic Muscles

Published: 4-25-2011 7:55 am

Wayne State College students in the Department of Health, Human Performance and Sport and Dr. Kris Hinnerichs, Dr. Tammy Evetovich, Dr. Barbara Engebretsen, and Dr. Donovan Conley, all professors in the department, attended the 25th annual spring tutorial meeting of the Northland Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (NACSM) held April 1 at Saint Cloud State University. The meeting provided a forum for students and professionals to interact and network with regional and national scholars in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science and for students to present research papers. 

Research abstracts submitted from schools throughout the NACSM (Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota) were blind peer-reviewed by NACSM professionals. Wayne State students were awarded first, second, third, and fifth place among 56 submissions in which the top five abstracts received recognition and monetary awards. 

Student authors and research project titles:

First place: Austin Bright, Paige Pollard, Katie Reikofski, and Tiffany Kellerman "Postactivation Potentiation Improves Sprint Performance in Collegiate Football Players"

Second place: Drew Molacek, Matt Meier, and Andre McIntyre "Postactivation Potentiation has Varying Effects on Vertical Jump Performance in Collegiate Football Players"

Third place: Rochelle Reinke, Emily Witte, Tyler Jensen, and Evan Janssen "Effects of Palm Cooling and Direct Localized Cryotherapy on Multiple Set Bench Press Performance"

Fifth place: Jennifer Hefner, Diedra Artz, Lee Anderson, and Adam Matteo "Effects of Dynamic, Cryotherapy, and Thermotherapy Warm-up Methods on Vertical Jump Performance in Female Athletes"

Alyssa Fischback, Lisa Bellar, Renee Wood, and Hannah Engelkamp "Acute Heat Application Does Not Improve Wingate Test Performance During Menses in Female Collegiate Athletes"

In addition, Dr. Tammy Evetovich presented a paper titled "Strength Training Considerations for Females" and Dr. Kris Hinnerichs presented a paper titled "Careers Available Using CSCS Certification".



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