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Wayne State Teacher Education Programs Reaccredited by NCATE

Published: 12-17-2010 10:25 am

Wayne State College's School of Education and Counseling continues to prove its commitment to producing quality education professionals for our nation's children by achieving renewal of national accreditation under the performance-oriented standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

NCATE, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, is responsible for professional accreditation of teacher education programs. Professional accreditation is one way to ensure the public that schools of education are graduating well-qualified teachers, counselors, and administrators ready to positively impact student achievement in our nation's schools. Wayne State College is one of 623 NCATE accredited institutions that produce two-thirds of the nation's new teacher graduates each year.

"NCATE accreditation renewal provides assurance to constituents, candidates, and future students that Wayne State College's traditionally strong programs meet the most rigorous and current standards for the preparation of educational professionals," said Dr. Neal Schnoor, Dean of the School of Education and Counseling. "Since our founding as a Normal School in 1891, preparing high quality educational professionals has remained an integral part of our institution's mission. Reaccreditation celebrates the ongoing dedication and achievement of faculty and staff members across our campus and the support of our administration, P-12 Partner Schools, alumni, and the community of Wayne."

NCATE-accredited schools must meet rigorous standards set by the profession. Institutions must provide compelling evidence of candidates' professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Candidates' qualifications must be assessed upon entry into the program and proficiencies demonstrated at key points throughout the program concluding with student teaching/internship experiences. Recent developments include a much stronger emphasis on the quality of these clinical experiences in P-12 partner schools where candidates demonstrate teaching competencies and the ability to work effectively with diverse student populations. NCATE revises its standards every five years to incorporate best practice and research to ensure that the standards reflect a consensus about what is important in teacher preparation today.

Vice President of Academic Affairs at Wayne State College, Dr. Bob McCue explained the value of NCATE reaccreditation for the institution and area. "Preparation for the NCATE review provided a very valuable opportunity for interaction and cooperation between faculty from different disciplines on campus as well as faculty, principals, and superintendents from area K-12 schools. I'm sure this academic discussion about the teaching profession was beneficial to all involved."
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