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WSC Students Get a Lesson on Living in Poverty


WAYNE, Neb. (Oct. 7, 2008) – With the nation’s economy at its worst since the Great Depression, Wayne State students learned a valuable lesson about living in poverty. The college hosted a Poverty Simulation as a part of the Community Action in Nebraska 2008 Poverty Solutions Tour on Oct. 7. KTIV News Channel 4 in Sioux City was at the college to cover the event. You can view coverage of the event at . Click on the Featured Video link at the top left of the story.


WSC students participated in the poverty simulation to role-play the lives of low-income families, from single parents trying to care for their children to senior citizens trying to maintain self sufficiency. Participants were given the task to provide food, shelter and other basic necessities for their family during the simulation while interacting with various community resources.


Although it used "play" money and other props, fictional scenarios, and time limits, the poverty simulation was not a game. After students participated in the poverty simulation, a discussion was held to reframe and refocus work in Nebraska to reduce poverty.


The Poverty Solutions Tour is in year two of a three-year process to discuss the causes, conditions, and solutions to poverty at the local level. The tour stems from a national report called "Rooting out Poverty" which included the input of nearly 1,000 community action leaders and supporters at the National Symposium on Poverty and Economic Security in Bethesda, Md. The report concluded that the economic security and the lives of low-income people can be improved through thoughtful, cost-effective strategies.



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