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Education Outreach


The Wayne State College Education Outreach program is currently servicing our region by providing mentoring programs for schools and communities. This program is funded through the Nebraska Teacher Quality Grant. Our main objective is to assist students and parents with information on higher education. This funding source allows the outreach programs to create Future Teachers Associations on all campuses.


High School sites and communities


Scheduled days for WSC Outreach Program


Community Outreach for WSC students

This program allows WSC students to work with the outreach program in their own communities. Approximately 20 WSC students, many of whom are bilingual, are involved in this endeavor.


Shadowing Program

High school students shadow college students throughout the day and get a to experience the college setting. Over 100 students (9th-12th grades) participated in this program last year.



We are currently working with parents from 12 communities by providing informative meetings once a month on higher education. We also are assisting with financial aid, admissions and other college requirements.


Organizations associated with the Multicultural Center

  Black Student Union (BSU)
  Latinos Uniting
  Minorities in Accordance Coming Together (M.A.C.T)
  Native American Student Alliance (N.A.S.A)
  Pan African Student Association (PASA)


*Each of these organizations report to the Multicultural Center and work closely with the Director. The organizations coordinate activities throughout the year (ex. Hispanic Heritage month, Black History month, etc...)


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