Johanna Barnes

Gina Kvidera

New mom working from home (part-time)

Sergeant Bluff, Iowa


“I think that the best benefit (of Wayne State’s online MBA) is being able to complete your coursework and discuss with students online any time of day. For me, it’s a huge benefit, as I don’t have to drive to Wayne each week for class. We have just had our first child and I am staying home with him, working part time from home...so taking classes completely online works the best for my schedule and allows me to devote my time throughout the day to other things as well. I enjoy the discussion boards and feel like I get to know the other students from these.”


“Throughout the program all of my courses have taken the material and helped me apply them to my job and situations that occur at my job daily. This has helped me think through the situations before I act and actually put my knowledge to good use. I get a much better understanding of what I am learning when I can put it into practical uses in my day to day operations.”


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Johanna Barnes

Jeremy Rasmussen

Staff Accountant - Auten, Pruss & Beckmann, P. C.

Norfolk, Nebraska

“The greatest benefit of the online MBA format for me is convenience. It allows me to do homework and discussions at times that are convenient to me and that fits my weekly schedule. Working in accounting, my weekly schedule can vary greatly and the online format allows me to complete my coursework at my convenience. The online format enables students to connect to each other even when they’re not in the same place. This interaction between students really enhances the learning experience.”


“If the online program wasn’t available I probably would not have considered pursuing the MBA degree. It has allowed me the flexibility to continue courses even when tax season is in full force.”


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Johanna Barnes

Mark Brugger

Nebraska Public Power District

Asset Value Consultant

York, Nebraska


“Anyone interested in obtaining their MBA should consider the WSC program, not only for flexibility, but also to become a well-rounded professional upon completion.”



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