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Papercut Pilot: Print from Anywhere


General Overview

NATS is, at the request of the Student Senate, and based on feedback from the Educause Student IT Use survey, piloting a new service to accommodate more streamlined printing on campus.  The goal of the project was to reduce delay and frustration in printing materials in US Conn library prior to classes.  By selecting the Papercut system for the pilot, we were not only to provide a way to accomplish the primary goal, but also facilitate printing from personal devices, including MacOS, iPads, iPhones and Android based systems.  Papercut is based on a pay to print model, but we have allocated a substantial "free" printing budget to every student based on our actual cost to produce a print and print volumes from previous semesters.


Printing to the new Papercut system involves some one time setup for each device you would like to print from.  Documentation for the one time setup as well as the process needed to print a document are available here:


Printing History - here



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