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General Overview

WSC is currently in the midst of a transition between vendors with our campus wide wireless deployment.

Our new vendor, Aruba, is currently deployed in all residential buildings on campus, with over 800 802.11n access points, providing full coverage of the residential space.

Our academic and administrative buildings currently use Cisco gear, which provides 802.11n coverage in most areas and 802.11g coverage in others.

We will be migrating the academic and administrative buildings to Aruba gear through the Fall of 2013 and when that migration is complete we will have nearly 1000 wireless access points on campus.

The new Aruba system provides better guest access management as well as advanced services to help secure and manage AirPlay/AirPrint services.

Documentation for both systems is provided below.



"Non-Residential" Wireless Documentation


Getting logged on to the "wsc_secure" Wireless Network

Helpsheet PDF

Windows 8

Helpsheet PDF


Windows 7

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Windows Vista

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Windows XP

Helpsheet PDF

GNU/Linux Distributions

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iPad / iPhone

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