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Student Computing @ WSC

Computer Services Provided to Students at WSC


Student Accounts and Account Resources

All students are provided a username and password to access an account established for them on our WSC computer network. This Network Account gives students access to an extensive range of technology resources and tools. Included are: a WSC email account (Willy Webmail), personal network storage space (j:drive), course network storage space (g:drive), an online-course system (WebCT) and more.


Using the username and password a student may utilize these resources through an on-campus general use computer (see below) or by finding a computer with internet access and logging into our in-house developed web portal (e-campus<link to>). To simplify a student’s technology experience here at WSC our e-campus web portal integrates all of this technology using single sign-on technology. Thus, a student can navigate to any of these technology resources via the web after logging in once.


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Computing Labs and General Use Computers

What good is a Network Account if you don’t have a computer to use? Here at WSC there over 300 computers available to students for general computer use. Six academic buildings contain larger computer labs each with over 20 computers, a lab for graphic design work is housed in another academic building, there are multimedia labs setup through out campus, and email kiosks are made available in other locations. These computers are available to students for many purposes which might include: working on course specific software, working in groups, checking email between classes, for putting a creative spin on an assignment, or simply to meet basic computing needs.



Residence Hall Computing

Should a student choose to bring their personal computer with them there would be a high speed internet connection available. All WSC Residence Hall rooms are wired for one internet connection per bed and will support Macintosh and Windows computers. Available this fall will be wireless internet in each Residence Hall that will cover the lobbies and game rooms in each. There is no extra charge for these services.


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Purchasing a New Computer













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