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Microsoft Outlook/Exchange project started!

Published: 11-28-2011 8:35 am

Many of you are looking forward to running Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client in conjunction with the Windows 7 upgrade.  Behind Outlook runs Microsoft's alternative to Groupwise, called Exchange.  As you may guess, building an enterprise e-mail system from the ground up is a rather resource intensive process, both from a labor and an equipment point of view.  

While we had hoped to be further along at this point and roll Outlook right with Windows 7, we're not going to be able to do that.  We are still planning for a spring switchover to the new e-mail system and we'll be providing more updates as we proceed.

In the meantime, a tremendous amount of work has been done readying the network to host the Exchange platform, including adding new servers and storage.  We thought we would provide a few visuals, though perhaps they won't be as exciting to you as they are to us :)  

This is a new storage system which will give us the room to host all of the e-mail on campus twice during the migration.  24 Terabytes of storage (that's a lot!).

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