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How can I get my computer ready to bring to campus?

  • To ensure quick connectivity to the WSC network please take a few minutes to verify your computer is protected and clean before arriving on campus.
  • Make sure your Operating system, Virus Protection, and Spyware/Adware protection is updated.
  • For more information refer to Computer 101 – Protecting and Cleaning your Computer

What are the Computer recommendations for WSC?

  • The following recommendations are based on average needs. If you will be performing tasks that include high end video or graphic editing be sure to consider a more powerful computer to meet your needs. Laptop vs Desktop and PC vs MAC will be whatever you prefer, but feel free to ask if you have questions.



    CPU (Central Processing Unit)

    At least a dual/duo core processor 2.6GHz or higher



    4gb RAM or higher


    Hard Drive (File Storage)

    160gb or higher


    OS (Operating System)

    Windows 7 or 8 OR if purchasing an Apple product the most current IOS

Are there discounts available through Wayne State College for purchasing a computer or notebook?

  • WSC students can select discounted computer bundles available through the MHEC (Midwest Higher Education Consortium) agreement.  For more information on MHEC pricing click here. If you have questions regarding this information please contact the Help Desk.

Are there any additional fees for internet access in the Residence Halls?

  • There are no additional fees for internet access in the residence halls.

What do I need to connect my computer in my Residence Hall room?

Are wireless routers allowed on campus?

Where is Wireless Access available on campus?

  • Wireless Map
  • The access points use the 802.11b/gwireless standard

Are there campus computers available for student use?

  • There are many labs available in many different buildings.
  • Some are specialized for specific courses while others are for general use.
  • The library has a general use computer lab, a multimedia computer lab, and notebooks that are available for checkout within the library.

What is my Network Login ID and password?

  • Your Network Login ID and password should have recently been mailed out to you. Click here for more information regarding Student Accounts

What is e-campus

  • ecampus is our online web portal providing access to numerous campus services.

  • J: Drive

  • G: Drive

  • Student Email

  • Online Education

  • Changing of your password

  • Campus and Student Directory

Why does my password expire?

  • In an attempt to better protect your Network Account the password is set to expire every six weeks. A notice is sent to your Willy webmail account 7 days prior to expiration and upon logging into e-campus.
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