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e-mail spoofing

Published: 4-20-2010 3:10 pm


Yes, another e-mail on yet another e-mail tactic.  This time it is called e-mail address "spoofing".  If you are receiving e-mail that appears to come from your e-mail address the chances are very good that you did not send it.  Further, when we have investigated this spoofing we find that the e-mail addresses that are spoofed do not have a campus IP address.  This is good news as it indicates the e-mail address has not been compromised.  Rather, it is an indication that some unscrupulous individual(s) have harvested a large number of random e-mail addresses and are "spoofing" the e-mail address and perhaps the IP address also.  

My office has received a number of instances in the past few weeks of "spoofing" from alarmed employees questioning how they had sent themselves an e-mail.  There is concern and rightfully so, but we are confident that most of this is external to the campus and outside of our control.  We are concerned, but not alarmed.  We do not have a way to stop this and at this point it does appear to be harmless.  

If you get a message from yourself and you did not send it, just delete it.  If you are worried that there are signs your e-mail has been compromised and someone else is using your account just let me know and we will check that out for you.


Dennis Linster
Chief Information Officer
Wayne State College

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