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Published: 3-1-2010 9:45 am


The "phishing" saga continues.  I have received two interesting examples of "phishing" from faculty members on campus since my last e-mail message regarding "phishing".  This is good as we really need to heighten our awareness of this kind of fraud.  We need to be sure we protect our self from these attempts to invade our privacy.

In the example in red below I have removed names for obvious reasons.  It is clear that the request below makes an attempt to impersonate a former student and is requesting funds. The faculty member knows this student, but the request is suspect because more than likely the former student would still ask family first for assistance.  

Hi,Its me Justine I really don't mean to inconvenience you right now, I made a little trip to UK and I misplaced my passport and credit cards,please I know this may sound odd, but it all happened very fast. I need to get a new passport, and get on the next available flight home. I've been to the US embassy, they're willing to help, but I'm out of cash and I have minimum access from here. Can you loan me some money and I'll be willing to repay you as soon as I get home.

Please reply as soon as you get this message, so I can forward the details as to where to send the funds, you can try reaching me on this number for now, +447024035615 or 011447024035615, I also have an ID to pick the funds up if sent via western union through walmart. i will be waiting for your responses

In the next example in blue the individual has a similar circumstance.  The individual that appears to be requesting assistance is known by the e-mail recipient just as the previous recipient.  The relationship is different, but the basic intent is the same.

Hi, I really don't mean to inconvenience you right now but I made a quick trip to London UK yesterday and had my bag stolen from me in which contains my passport, credit cards and my phone. I know this may sound odd, but it happened very fast. I've been to the US embassy and they're willing to help me fly without my passport but I just have to pay for my ticket and settle some bills. Right now I'm out of cash plus i can't access my bank without my credit card here, I've made contact with them but they need more verification. I was  thinking of asking you to lend me some funds now and I'll pay back as soon as I get home. I need to get on the next available flight. Please reply as soon as you can if you are ok with this so i can forward the details as to where to send the funds. You can reach me via May field hotel's desk phone if you can, the numbers are, 011447024018775 ThanksTimothy

I hope these help.  

Dennis Linster
Chief Information Officer
Wayne State College

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