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email user beware - legit "looking" email messages

Published: 11-23-2013 11:55 am

Warm greetings on this chilly day,

I write to you on this Saturday morning because this message is important and can't wait until Monday. More than several people have notified me that they are receiving very legit "looking" email messages that are cleverly crafted with Wayne State College text and branding. Below is an example of what you may have received or may receive. If you received a message like this please proceed with deleting it and DO NOT click on the provided link(s).

"Buyer Beware" - We've all seen this message posted from time to time. It gets people to stop and think about the risks involved before purchasing an item for some reason or another.

"Email user Beware" - Spam, phishing attempts, and spoofing email addresses will not be going away any time soon. Proceed with caution when:

1) you don't recognize the from address - In the example below the from address shows "Wayne State College" as the name, but the from email address is

2) there is very little to no personalization - "Dear member" from the message below is a great example.

3) messages that contain "Click Here" with little or no explanation

4) the signature is not familiar or not present - Ask yourself - Is there an "Administrator Department" at WSC?

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! Go Wildcats!

- Nick

You can find past notices and information regarding spam email messages, phishing attempts, email address spoofing within the network notices posted on the NATS webpage >


Wayne State College <> wrote:

>>> "Wayne State College" 2013-11-22T17:31:06.301603 >>>
Dear Member,

You Have 1 New Message

Click Here To Read

Administrator Department

Wayne State College
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