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Phishing in October

Published: 10-30-2013 3:25 pm

Good afternoon everyone,
With many technology systems and processes in use these days there is really no off time for phishing. Many enjoy fishing as a hobby, but this type of phishing does not have a happy ending. The most recent phishing email has several flaws that indicate it is not legitimate WSC email correspondence.

1) The from address is outside the organization - The example below is not from a WSC email address it contains - Be careful here and don't solely rely on this as a means for identifying a phishing attempt. Domain addresses like can be spoofed. If you've ever received an email from yourself (from address = and know that you did not send the email then you've witnessed your email address being spoofed.

2) There is not a phone number for you to call and ask questions - Any legitimate entity should provide you several options for asking questions about the email correspondence you've received. If there is not a phone number to call the company chances are it is a phishing attempt.

Should NATS ever need to contact you regarding our WSC network account they will call or visit in person. If you have received a notice like this please proceed with deleting it.

Thank you to all those who alerted me to this latest attempt and for continuing to protect your passwords!

- Nick

>>> "Sanders, Elizabeth M" <> 10/30/2013 9:37 AM >>>

Due to our latest IP Security upgrades we have reason to believe that your mail account was accessed by a third party.You are advice to verify this account To avoid loosing access to your account. To verify click UPGRADE.

Failure to do this you will have your account deactivated. Protecting your webmail account is our primary concern.

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