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UPDATE! - Inbound phone service for 7000 series numbers

Published: 8-20-2013 7:10 am

UPDATE - 8.20.13 at 10:26 a.m.
One of our two trunks is now back up and operational (at least for now), which means that service to the switchboard, the 800 number, the help desk and roughly half of the other phones on campus is restored.

On campus calling is not impacted, so you can transfer a call to any campus number, even if they can't receive a call directly from the outside.

Thanks all - we'll provide more information as we know it.

Greetings all,

Century Link has been working for a couple of days on rectifying some minor warnings we were seeing on one of our phone trunks that service the 7000 series of numbers for campus. In the middle of the night last night they thought they had resolved the issue. Unfortunately, what actually happened is that two of our three trunk sets went completely dead, which cuts off all inbound calling for 7000 series numbers on campus, including the switchboard and 800 numbers.

Outbound calling is still working as the system is designed to use any of the available trunks to place outbound calls and we still have one of the three operational.

Calls placed from the outside (which includes cell phones even if they are on campus) simply ring busy. We are working with Century Link on the issue and will have an update for you as soon as we get more information from them.

Thanks for your patience!


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