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Phishing phone calls...

Published: 8-13-2013 9:00 am

Good morning all,

Another lovely twist on the phishing scenario this morning:

We've had reports of at least two phishing phone calls so far this week. You receive a phone call from someone purporting your local tech support organization and indicating that they are seeing inappropriate traffic coming from your IP address. They offer to transfer you to a supervisor who will "walk you through" fixing the problem.

Now, if you like, you can have a wonderful time feigning gratitude and amazement and play along until they ask you to click on a link or login to a system, at which point you can spring the trap on them that you know exactly what they're doing. They tend to hang up quickly at that point. The other alternative is to simply hang up on them first. We advocate either approach - just don't actually do what they are asking you to do :)

Thanks for your attention and vigilance!


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