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Published: 8-1-2013 3:35 pm

Greetings all,

As you may have noticed during the day today - we have the voice-mail system upgrade complete!!

This accomplished one major thing - it got the voice-mail system off of 8 year old hardware and a very old operating system onto our virtual server architecture and a current version of Windows Server, so we are in a much more robust position than we were before.

All voice-mails, greetings, security pins, etc were migrated. For the majority if you, nothing will have changed in terms of functionality.

For those of you with private extensions (where the extension number isn't visible to other people), there will be one small change. The voice-mail system now uses a more industry standard way to communicate with the phone system, and as a result your private number is private even from the voice-mail system - when you dial in to check your messages it doesn't know what extension you are calling from.

There are two ways we can address this:
1) When you dial into voice-mail, hit the # key followed by your extension number, then enter your password as before

2) If you'd like your number to no longer be private, we can remove the privacy feature and your voice-mail will work as before (but your extension number will be visible on other on-campus phones when you make a phone call).

Thanks for your patience as we worked through this upgrade!

Happy Voice-mailing!!


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