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Office 2013 now available in Windows 7

Published: 7-23-2013 8:10 am

Greetings all,

This morning we made Office 2013 available to the Windows 7 computers in the network. When you choose to install Office 2013 it will replace Office 2010 on your computer. Documents created in Office 2013 are compatible with Office 2010 so we shouldn't have any "save as earlier version" issues.

You may initiate the installation at your convenience, but you should close all other programs before beginning. The process will take about an hour and will happen completely in the background on your computer. The first portion of the process will remove Office 2010. When that portion of the process is complete, the installation of Office 2013 begins. Again, there is not visible indication this is happening, except maybe some icons disappearing or appearing in your Start Menu. When the installation is complete, it will restart your computer without warning. When your computer is back at the login screen, the installation is mostly complete. The first time you open one of the office applications an installer box will appear for a very short time to deliver some configuration specific to your user.

It may be best to initiate the installation, lock your computer (Windows Key +L) and head to a meeting/go to lunch/etc.

As always, should you have any difficulty or questions, please contact the helpdesk: or 402-375-7107


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