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NATS Staff Retreat

Published: 1-2-2013 8:50 am

Greetings all,
Happy New Year and welcome back to campus in 2013!!

Once a year we try to have a professional development retreat for NATS staff and we always try to pick the least impact-ful time to have everyone out of the office. We are hoping that this afternoon is that time. The NATS staff will be meeting downtown and so will not be physically present in the office.

We will have our help desk phone forwarded to a cell phone and will have access to systems to resolve any critical issues. If you have a non urgent problem, please simply submit a trouble ticket and we'll get back to you tomorrow.
If you have an urgent issue, please do call the help desk and we'll address the issue remotely or dispatch someone back to campus if required.

Thanks much for your patience and understanding.


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