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Published: 9-19-2012 11:15 pm

All: OK folks. Complicated scenario here but I'll try to explain briefly. We actually have (had) two problems: 1) The local carrier that transports our data to Omaha for connection to the internet has a faulty switch in the Wayne office. That switch caused the full outage between 7 and 8PM tonight. 2) The internet service provider that picks up half of our traffic to the internet from Omaha outbound had a network port that filled up and caused our spotty service from 8-10PM.

Problem 2 has now been fixed. Problem 1 (the faulty switch) we thought was fixed, but a few minutes ago the problem switch started having problem again. A new switch is on it's way to Wayne, about an hour out at this point (plus configuration time). We're hoping to be fully operational by 2:30 or 3AM.

Again, thanks for your patience. Hang in there's been a bumpy night.


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