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Password creation hint #4: Acrostics

Published: 8-23-2012 11:00 am

Password creation tip #4: Acrostics

For those of you who are fans of Will Shortz or the Sunday Puzzle on NPR, this password creation hint is for you! Take a favorite phrase from literature or a movie, make an acrostic from it, mix the case and add a number or special character (or you could use some leetspeak from password tip #1).

For example:
Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country - (for those of us who actually took typing classes in our far distant youth) -
Here are more examples, but in honor of Will Shortz - can you cite the phrase from which the acrostic was developed? Winners who accurately name the phrase will receive a free password change from the help desk at a time convenient for them.
Nittfagm! (Or if you are fond of really long passwords you could do the whole thing - Nittfagmtcttaotc!)

Anwyccdfy% (1960s American politics)

ORR!watR (Brit Lit)

H.mniIM.ykmf.ptd (from one of the most quotable movies ever made and one of my personal favorites)

(We hope these password creation hint e-mails are helpful!)


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