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Password creation tip #3: Model numbers

Published: 8-22-2012 4:10 pm

A wonderful source for secure passwords is model numbers. I realize that my office/desk environment has more gadgets on it than most people's (OK - I'll admit - it has WAY more gadgets on it than most people's), but as I look around my desk I see several objects that have model numbers stamped somewhere on them; sometimes in plain view. Often, those model numbers make at least the basis for a good password. Monitors, power bricks for mobile devices, keyboards (yes, this is the only time you'll ever hear me advocate storing your password under your keyboard), a mouse, notebook computer, your telephone; all of them great sources for model numbers.

Many of those model numbers are valid passwords without any further modification, though it is prudent to make at least one change or add an additional character to foil anyone who decides to sit down at your desk and try every model number they can find.

Happy passwording!


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