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Published: 1-25-2012 10:25 am

Greetings all,
Now that we're into full swing in the spring term, I thought it might be a good time to send out a note to help guide you in requesting assistance from NATS.

Problems with existing software/hardware
As you know, we have a Trouble Ticket system that is available to you to request help for an existing service or piece of equipment that is not working properly.

Examples would include:
"I can't connect to wireless"
"My computer is slow"
"My mouse is jumping all over the screen"
"I can't get e-mail from a certain person off campus"

Where possible, please work through your OA to submit a ticket. The OAs on campus do a wonderful job of recognizing patterns if they see several tickets for similar items in their unit and typically will give us a call if they see a larger issue brewing.

If the issue is urgent, please feel free to call the helpdesk directly at 7107 and we'll submit a ticket on your behalf.

Purchasing new items
If you wish to purchase something through NATS or to be installed on a computer that NATS maintains, please work through your Dean or Director (your budget manager). If you want to carbon copy me in the correspondence, that's fine. We will work with you to providing optimal pricing, purchase the equipment and get it installed as quickly as we can.

Everything else
If you need help that is doesn't fall into either of the above categories, please send an e-mail to me directly and we'll get the work dispatched within the unit. This helps us to manage our workflow and ensure that priority is given to making sure that problems on existing systems are fixed as quickly as possible.

Examples would include:
"I need to have my computer moved"
"I need to be authorized to publish to this web page"
"I need to have this piece of software given to a class I teach"

If you have any questions regarding process or procedure, please do feel free to send me an e-mail or give me a call.

Thanks for helping us to manage our workflow and your requests in as timely a fashion as we can!


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