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"Emergency Verification" phishing e-mail

Published: 1-19-2012 5:15 pm

Greetings all,
Over the last few minutes I've received about half a dozen requests to verify the legitimacy of an e-mail with the subject line "Emergency Verification". 
This is yet another phishing e-mail, designed to trick you into providing your WSC username and password to an outside organization.
A couple of things to notice that give you a hint that this is not legit:
1)  It supposedly comes from Wayne State College, but with an e-mail address of
2)  The link it provides to click on to "fix" the problem is in the .tk domain (, not in the domain.  TK is the domain for a country called Tokelau, a part of New Zealand.  We don't have any services hosted there to my knowledge :)
You can safely delete the e-mail folks. 
Thanks all for your diligence in helping us sniff these things out.

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