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Published: 10-31-2011 4:35 pm

Greetings all,
We lost power to the 8th floor Bowen closet (or at least to the UPS that services the switch) on Saturday afternoon and, as a result, the city was without internet connection via wireless for about 18 hours (as was NorthStar and the MCC). 
Brian has worked with ABB to provide fiber backhaul services around town and so we had a pair of strands just waiting to test - this seemed like the ideal time.  So....the long story short is that the city is now riding 1Gbp/s fiber between our CBN-B3-3500-01 switch (port 50) and their data center downtown.  It seems zippy :)
Northstar and the MCC (and baseball complex) are still on wireless from Bowen.


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