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Published: 8-31-2011 11:00 am

Greetings all,
As some of you may have noticed, we haven't had Windows Updates applying to your machines and forcing a reboot for the last couple of weeks.  This was an intentional step on our part to try to make the start of term a bit more smooth for everyone. 
A number of you have given us feedback that the forced reboot process during the week is troublesome.  We listened and we've come up with a solution that we think should keep our systems current and at the same time be more convenient for you.
Windows updates (when there are Windows Updates to apply) will still become available Wednesday morning at 6:30AM as they have in the past.  You now, however, have two options that can be exercised at any time on Wednesday or Thursday for choosing when those updates will be installed:

1)  You can click on the Windows Install shield  in the system tray (the icons in the lower right hand corner of your screen) and click on the box

This will allow you to apply the available updates and schedule a time to reboot the computer that works well for you during the day.
2)  You can choose to install updates when you shut down your computer at night.  When you have pending updates, the "Shutdown" control for your system will have an additional option,  "Install updates and shut down":

You can chose this option as you leave for the evening and it will shut your computer down after installing updates.
3)  You can wait until Friday morning and the system will install the updates automatically and reboot the system as it has in the past. 
We hope this change strikes a good balance between keeping our systems up to date and providing the lack of interruption that you've asked for. 
Thanks for your patience and happy Windows Updating!

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